Spurs fans sum up West Ham defeat in 3 words

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur fans have been summing up the embarrasing 3-2 defeat to West Ham United in just three words, which perfectly sum up how many of us are feeling.

Firstly, losing is never easy. But losing a two goal lead to West Ham of all teams is frankly unacceptable. Just when I thought we were set to win three matches at Wembley in a row, this happens.

The players thought the game was in the bag and that’s not good enough. Hopefully Pochettino has given them all the hairdrier treatment, but I think he has to hold his hands up as well – Llorente wasn’t the best granted, but when he took both him and Son off, we had no threat in the final third.

Next up… Manchester United, away.

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  1. no wonder our players will never win cups its because Poch will not play his best team in them he cant expect us as fans to turn up when he just plays about with the team i will not be going to any more cup games while he continues to piss about with with cup ties he done it in the europa league the f.a cup and the league cup TIME FOR A BOYCOTT protest with your feet stay away Levy will have to have a word when our money for tickets start to dry up lets not settle for second best coys

  2. Everyone needs to chill out, it was a little cup game. I feel like Poch made the right decision in resting most of the starters with Man U coming up in just 2 days. If anyone is to blame it is the silly mistakes made in the box. Communication between the defence just looked flat out terrible.

  3. I dont buy into the winning mentality nonesense. Spurs have it in abundance when they play the big games. This fixture is pain in the arse. Pochettino has bigger fish to fry. He’s not at spurs to win the mickey mouse cup,and risk injuries to key players. Why would he,especially now when they’ve moved into the elite 4. This is a repetitive argument every year . Pochettino wants the big prize,and so do spurs supporters if we’re honest.


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