Spurs look towards radical shirt deal approach


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Tottenham Hotspur are planning a radical plan to include multiple shirt sponsors next season.

Chairman Daniel Levy is looking into the idea of having a different shirt sponsor for the Premier League, Champions League and the domestic cups.

No compnay has as yet matched the £10million-a-year deal that Levy is demanding after the £8.5m-a-year deal with Mansion expired at the end of last season.

Spurs could potentially begin the new season without any form of shirt sponsor, though Levy remains optimistic a deal can be struck within the next fortnight.

The deal to sponsor Spurs in the Premier League will cost the most due to the higher number of games and worldwide exposure the league gets, but Spurs are exploring the possibility that potential sponsors with different target markets could get involved for other competitions.

Spurs are also looking into the possibility of combining said shirt deal with the naming rights to the new stadium, though issues with it’s planning could mean that idea is scrapped.

A Tottenham spokesman said, “We are working hard to deliver international partnerships for the club, improved operations and choice for the fans.

“Increased commercial deals will translate into investment in all areas of the club – on and off the pitch.”

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  1. Who in their right mind will pay £10m for a yearly sponsorship of a club who've not even qualified for the CL yet??? what happnes if they don't, will the sponsor get their £10m back or is it a pay up front deal only.. knowing Levey, it's cash up front & no returns after 7 days… lol

  2. That's what it smacks of. Cyprus Goon if you shake the sand out of your brain you would have overlooked that Liverpool got close to €20m from Chartered…….and they are NOT in the CL. It is however a ridiculous strategy if true. I would be expected to buy 3 home shirts and possibley one away….not a hope in hell. And then if I don't, my PL jersey would look dated when watching a cup game or CL game.

    I am sure it is not April 1st tomorrow, but I better check nonetheless !!!

  3. It's a great idea to generate more cash for the club for essentially nothing. Who cares if you're wearing a PL shirt while watching a CL match? No true fan gives two hoots if his shirt is out of date, just the performance on the pitch. This deal is a decent initiative and (should it come off) will surely be copied by every CL club in the future.

  4. I would love it if we don’t get a sponsor before the start of the season, the leaked kit looks mint plain and if they released it like that I would imagine it would sell a shedload. I’d certainly get it.

  5. I have heard we are having Virging across the front Viagra on the shorts and Senecot laxatives on the back of the shorts. this means we will be Virgin on brilliance stiff at the back and Teams will be shitting themselves playing us . Oh yeeeeeeeeeesss

  6. The club will be selling this years official kit plain and no sponsors due to this possible new idea although they are still not sure and could revert to a late launch and one sponsor for whole season. In any case you wont get your hands on this till August either way. Basically they have shot themselevs in the foot, they should have had a sponsor tied down late last year not scrabbling around last minute – times are hard or have they not realised, still someone at standard chartered must have added an extra zero by mistake onto their value, paying that a year for a club not even in CL is laughable. Trouble is Spurs are not of the same global appeal as Man Utd, Liverpool or Chelsea.


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