Spurs players unhappy at Levy salary revelation

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According to The Times some of Spurs first team players were stunned yesterday to discover that the club’s chairman, Daniel Levy, was paid more than £6 million last season at a time when he is insisting that they accept pay restraint.

Levy’s remuneration of £6.013 million in 2016-17 is roughly double that of any other Premier League chief executive and, at the equivalent of £115,000 a week, is higher than the basic salary of any of Tottenham’s players, with Harry Kane said to be the club’s top earner on £100,000 a week.

In the past we have refused to meet the salary demands of a number of our leading players, most recently Toby Alderweireld and Mousa Dembélé, during increasingly tense contract negotiations, and the details of Levy’s pay have allegedly caused disquiet in the dressing room.

The size of the chairman’s pay packet was revealed in the clubs annual accounts that show that Levy received £6.013 million in 2016-17, more than double the £2.84 million he was paid the previous season. The article adds that the huge increase is understood to be a one-off payment that included bonuses for achieving record turnover for the club and delivering the new stadium, which is due to open at the start of next season, rather than a new salary.

However according to the article the players are not interested in such nuances as Levy’s steep pay rise comes at a time when the club are negotiating hard in contract talks with a number of the squad, including Alderweireld, who has barely been used by Mauricio Pochettino after the breakdown in negotiations.

The article goes on to say that Dembélé has also said that he will not sign a new contract before entering the final 12 months of his existing deal in the summer. This all follows Danny Rose’s public outburst last year, complaining that on a salary of £65,000 a week he is not paid what he is worth.

It adds that many of the clubs other players are understood to feel the same and are growing resentful that players they consider to be inferior playing at smaller clubs under less pressure are more highly rewarded.

Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, Son Heung-min and Jan Vertonghen are all due to hold talks over signing contract extensions at the end of the season.

The clubs annual figures also show an astonishing rise in revenues to £306.3 million last season compared with £209.8million the year before, partly because of Champions League income (£44.6 million), the rise in TV money from the Premier League and higher prize money from finishing second in the league. Profit after tax was £41.2 million and wages were up by 26 per cent to £126.9 million, 41 per cent of turnover.

So what do we think about the money paid to Daniel Levy, The Times are usually pretty accurate and they do say that a lot of the money paid to Levy is owed to him in terms of bonuses but it won’t have passed the players by.

Do you think it would annoy the players, or even Pochettino to see that the chairman is taking home such a package considering his stance on players wages or is it justified considering the new training centre and stadium and various other deals he has struck in the last few years? Let us know your thoughts

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  1. It is not Levy who is overpaid but the rest of the PL Club Chairmen. I wouldn’t swap him for any of them. As Les says he is/has built the club. Good luck to him. Most of them are doing a shocking job. If you are talking over payment what about Sanchez who gets nearly six times what Levy gets.

  2. Typical press can’t criticise our players performance on Sunday so they have to have a dig at our club through our Daniel.

  3. DL is building arguably the best football stadium in the world, a hugely complex job with ramifications for decades. The players kick a ball for money.

  4. You say Spurs players ‘are’ unhappy with Levy salary then ask us if we think the players would be unhappy?? So in other words you are talking utter bullshit – get a life – Dick.

  5. This is, of course, a made up story. On the day it came out, The Times claimed the players were stunned. How did they find that out? A dodgy agent maybe? Levy earns a basic of under £3m a year. He’s been given bonuses and back-dated pay rises. So what? He has overseen the growth of Tottenham from a joke side who flirted with relegation to a side likely to qualify for the CL for the third year running and end in the top 6th for the 9th year running. All done during the period where multi billionaires have ruined the PL. The article gives the anti Tottenham brigade more ammunition to knock a club who are growing in the right way and annoying the so called big boys. Personally I believe he’s worth the income and bonuses. The plays also get very good basics and a fantastic bonus scheme.

  6. The real story here. That the leader of one of the most prominent football clubs in the UK, who increased revenues by 50% in a year, who is overseeing and managing a $1b capital investment project, is paid less than a goalkeeper.

  7. We all know the mainstream press like to try and upset the apple cart at Spurs but it really annoys me when a supposed Spurs blog goes along with it.
    Firstly the ‘stunned’ comment is typical press sensationalism which they can say if they like as it is impossible to disprove (yet easy to prove with a couple of names, which aren’t forthcoming).
    Secondly the players are not idiots, even if some blog writers are. The ‘subtle nuances’ which they reportedly don’t care about (names?) are what make this a complete non-story, or at least a story with a completely different spin. Levy’s earnings are given including bonuses for doing a bloody outstanding job. They are then compared to player’s basic wage, without bonuses. Bonuses which in Kane’s case (the example repeatedly given) would take his earnings well over the £115k a week Levy reportedly earns. A good goal bonus in the Prem is estimated at £5k a goal, on top of that there are appearance bonuses and win bonuses of which ours are supposed to be the best in the league.
    Lastly, Levy has done more for the club than any player or manager and deserves every penny. I’m sick of hearing that we don’t get top players because of Levy’s hard bargaining, when nobody takes into account the top players we have which other teams don’t try and poach because of Levy’s hard bargaining. Add to that the stadium, training ground, amazing squad built without a sugar daddy and our rising stature on the world stage with the manager he hired and £115k a week is the bargain of the century.


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