Spurs ready to pay £20m for Atletico Madrid ace?


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The Daily Star are reporting that Tottenham are ready to offer £20million for Diego Forlan.

The 31-year-old scored 28 goals for Atletico Madrid last season and according to the report, Harry Redknapp is ready to sell both Robbie Keane and Roman Pavlyuchenko in order to revamp his attack.

Atletico want £30million for the Uruguay international, but Spurs are only prepared to pay £20million.  The La Liga outfit have also failed to qualify for the Champions League and will have to sell players.

Marseille are also interested in Forlan, but cannot meet his £60,000-a-week wage demands.

His agent Daniel Bolotnicoff said: “Forlan is a player who a lot of people are interested about in the European market.

“Each of the seasons many clubs show interest in him.

“This is not the first time that a Premier League club have wanted to try to buy him back.

“At the moment, though, he is concentrating on the World Cup finals.’’

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  1. I don't think 31 is too old. Perhaps for a player who has lost his touch but, like Drogba, Milito and a fine wine, Forlan seems to be getting better with age.

    20 million is a bit steep though.

  2. not doubting his abilities but he's too old and expensive and what if he turns out to be a flop like he was at Man u?

  3. No doubt, this is another rubbish. We need a player like Dzeko not Forlan ! He seems not to be able to play in England at all.

  4. Selling Pav and paying 20mil for this old man is not worth it. Don't think he can play well in England. I wud like to see Kuyt at Spurs.

  5. I would take him in a heartbeat! Holds the ball up,runs the channel,makes runs in between the centre half and full back that modric would find a pass all day for! He seems to finish balls that are flashed into the box from wingers ie bale and lennon and most importantly he scores goals. Forget his man utd days he isn’t the same player now. And as for 20m I would pay it goals cost money and even at 31 he still has 4-5 years at the top level in him. Get him in harry!

  6. “and even at 31 he still has 4-5 years at the top level in him”


    are you working for athletico? on commission?

    This ain’t never gonna happen. No way. Nu-uh.

    Tomorrow we’ll be signing Lucy Pinder and Kelly Brook. They’re strikers.

  7. Obviously there is no truth in this whatsever – he was almost a national joke in England and I doubt he would return (I fully admit that he has done well for himself in Spain). The 18m link with Fabiano (29) was bad enough. Once you go over 30 – normally it is free transfer time, because you won't get your money back. The worse thing is that people on this page do not see how damaging throwing your money away can be. 20m is a lot of money in anyone's book, but for a 30 year old – who previously failed to score enough for the best team in England at the time? "He ain't the same player now?', well no – he is 8 years older. Berba is seen as a Man U failure – yet is doing better than Forlan ever did for them.

  8. That's right they have an April Forlan day up North. Could be a big risk. Look at Rebrov…..well lets not. I feel HR might be holding off, hoping he sees a bargain at the World Cup, as only he can.

  9. 7m and 4m are you kidding me for Forlan, players value is not totally dependent upon age, proved by Del Piero,Trezeguet, Henry, Drogba at 32 got the golden boot in EPL, Lampard 31 5th top scorer EPL , Saha 31 10th, and Anelka equal 11th at 11 goals, just to name a few. 7 of the 29 top scorers this season were over 30 are all in their 30's does this mean they are worth less than 10m?
    Micah Richards is valued at around 7-9m, do you really think Diego Forlan is in the same boat just because he is 31, is it naiveity or what, and we are asking for around 14m for Keane, at 29, 20m is a decent fee I agree but Forlan is fairly hot property, swallow your pride regardless of who he used to play for this could be a big coup. Fabiano is valued around 18m, my question is Fabiano or Forlan? tough choice the both are quality in demand strikers.

  10. i would personally prefer fabiano. he seems to fit the english game better… he's athletic,physical and never shirks a challenge… not to mention his goal scoring ability!

  11. I don’t know guys the price seems a bit steep and although he has done fantastic in spain he would still be a risk given his record at man utd.

  12. 20 Million is not a lot of money for a top striker and he is a top striker. Off loading Keano and super Pav is not the way to go but remember, this is coming from the daily star, the rag of all rags.

  13. What a load of crap mate. Levy has never paid 20 mil for a player and he’s gonna pay 20 mil for a 31 year old??!!!? Shit article!


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