Spurs season now stands on a knife-edge


It is in the tense days of April and May in which a team’s season stands or falls, Tottenham Hotspur tether on the cusp of glory and the brink of failure. AVB’s outfit sits in 4th position with 58 points but with an in-form Arsenal side only two points behind with a game in hand and Chelsea level with Tottenham on points, the race for the final Champions League place will be viciously contended. Spurs endeavours in the Europa League also leaves them with an 2nd quarter final leg against Swiss side Basel after a 2-2 draw in London.

However the dual ambition of Europe and top four has taken a taxing toll on the players, Lennon and Bale both suffering injuries against Basel. The width and pace Lennon brings to our game and
Gareth’s ability to ignite the Lane; already boasting a goal tally of 26 and 10 assists this season, will be missed. The absence of these key men, as well as Sandro and Defoe was a crucial factor to why Spurs were held to a draw against Everton, dropping two vital points. Tottenham also lost to Fulham and Liverpool in the league after playing in Europe mid week, this startling trend raises questions about Villas-Boas’s European ambitions and how they could harm the teams Champions League qualification hopes.

It seems a Europa League trophy would feel hollow if Spurs failed to clinch a top four spot, and the ramifications of finishing fifth would weaken the club even further. It would be increasingly harder for Levy to attract a world class striker without the allure of Champions League football. And the reality is that if this team fails to progress we will begin to lose our top players, with Barcelona and Real Madrid lining up to bid for Bale this summer. It appears that top four is a necessity this season and with a tough fixture list ahead of us, I don’t think AVB can afford to exhaust his top players to win a second class European Cup.

And as Tottenham are to play Chelsea in one of the most crucial games of our season, after the team has to travel to Switzerland to play Basel. Should AVB take on Basel with a token team of young players and then start a strong rested team against Chelsea? Or try to keep both the Europa and Premier League dreams alive?

In a move that could deliver this team into the Champions League places and lift a trophy. Or that could leave the team defeated in Europe and see Champions League football slip through this Spurs sides fingers yet again. These next few weeks will define this current Tottenham team and André Villas-Boas as a manager.

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  1. Dear Spurs-friend

    You've raised interesting issues and although to give away second tier Europe League I agree with you – CL and finishing above the neighbours are more important than anything else. Even a child agrees a classy striker and strong mid field were all that Spurs required to achieve something this term. Unfortunately, Levy and co. didn't and ABV agreed. And the result, as expected, ………..no I don't want to know, I already know it. Best wishes anyway my beloved Spurs. A Spurs fan.

  2. Everton were wihtout Fellaini and Piennier two of their most consistent performers this season…. so the excuse of injuries applies to all.

    AVB's mistake was playing a first team against Basel, in which injuries were picked up. the decision to now forfiet the second leg is almost like bolting the door after the horse has bolted as the damage has been done.

    If AVB is speaking truthfully and Bale will be back for City, then he might as well play a full team til the end of the season and go for it on all fronts.

    Although placing an emphasis on the Europa shouts little club mentality, afterall you qualify by getting knocked out the CL…..

  3. We've always found Everton hard to beat either home or away so prior to what is now turning into yet another poor run I reckon most of us would have excepted a point. However like I say we are now in the worrying throws of a run which has seen 1 win out of 5 so a point would seem not good enough. There's many different opinions going round but mine is until the fans except that this end of season crisis DOES happen then I can't see it changing and the same will happen next year, HR didn't take Europa serious yet we still collapsed, HR didn't has injury problems but will still collapsed, however what both HR & AVB have had in common in both didn't get the players they asked for, in Jan HR asked for Tevez but got Saha, in summer AVB made clear HIS target was Moutinho and or a striker but got neither! players will come and go, players get injured, shock results happen and other teams will pick up points HOWEVER HR got sacked for failing to get champions league yet AVB could well miss out now too, but what I believe is 100% certain is this — get CL or not Levy will find a way to avoid getting in those very big name players we all say we need!

  4. we are a goodish teAM BUT NO REAL GAme plan, look at juventus and their coach, they are better than us but dont have better players

  5. champions league is overrated. weve got no chance of winning it and when weve been there before the only big name player we signed was van der vaart and only then cause Real Madrid didnt want him. go for the europa trophy, which we could win, and IF we did we would be an attracxtive club for many top quality emerging players from around the world. The real big name players will only ever join the big european clubs or the tycoon owned money rich clubs.


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