Spurs star accuses police of harassment


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Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe has accused Essex Police of harassment.

Defoe was pulled over by police days after he revealed he was going to sue for wrongful arrest.

The England international was stopped following a visit to his mother’s house, as part of an operation to tackle the theft of valuable cars.

His solicitor Nick Freeman said: “At worst, it smacks of something far more sinister, which can only add weight to growing concerns that they are being vindictive and my client is being harassed.”

Mr Freeman said: “Mr Defoe was stopped for no reason after leaving his mother’s home.

“Coming as it does, just three days after announcing he is to claim damages from the same force, it leaves the police with some serious questions to answer.”

Defoe has already revealed that should he win any financial damages, he will give the money to charity.

An Essex Police spokesman said: “Police in the Epping Forest area have been running Operation Phobia, which is aimed at tackling domestic burglary in affluent areas, and the theft of high value cars.

“As part of that operation officers stopped a black Ferrari in Manor Road, Chigwell, at 2314 BST on Sunday.

“They satisfied themselves that all was in order with the car and driver, and it continued on its way.”

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  1. Come on I am sure Jermain was not the only one stopped I am sick of the race card being used like this I am sure that if his motor was stolen he would be grateful the police are doing something to catch the criminals, grow up put it behind you and concentrate on scoring goals as the chip on your shoulder is causing an imbalance

  2. It’s easy for someone who has not been on the end of it to say “grow up and put it behind you”. Not gonna mention personal experience, but Defoe has been stopped for no reason three times by the same constabulary! If that’s not harassment, then I dunno what is.

  3. It is proactive policing and he is only doing this to get him off the driving charge so yes it is a case of using race card how many other people got stopped in this area that night. I am sick of political correctness going mad, believe me I have seen racist comments thrown in my direction but I do not moan if go through police checkpoints.

  4. Sorry lets look at 3 times once committing an offence, that is being appealed 2nd time due to computer/human error and 3rd time routine stop where he gets waived on some conspiracy my friend some conspiracy indeed.


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