Spurs to be without Lennon for a fortnight


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Tottenham Hotspur have been dealt a massive injury blow with the news that Aaron Lennon will be sidelined for two weeks.

The winger picked up a groin injury in the win against West Ham United and will miss the games against Peterborough United and the massive Premier League clash against Liverpool at Anfield.

Harry Redknapp confirmed: “He’s picked up a bit of a groin strain and will be out for a couple of weeks.

“He’s been fantastic and has had a great season for us.”


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  1. You never know,he might be ready for the Liverpool game the Sunday after next as that’s about two weeks away,
    plus the rest from the Peterborough game should do him good,and if not like Macca says we can play Gio in there,granted he hasn’t got the same pace put he’s just as skillful if not more so.

  2. happy new year all you yids,37 points keep this up and 70 points by end of season.last year 17 points by christmas looking for 40 to stay up WOW. Kranjar,Modrich,Palacios,Huddlestone/Jenas.come on that is real good,strikers doing great,defence 4 clean sheets ( a record )We will miss Ekotto,Gomez looks solid,Dawson playing out of skin.I start the new year a very happy bunny.still being a spurs fan will this continue please please harry let the poor boys have a drink now and then they have improved. at 64 my heart cant take it but we must have the faith perhaps stuff the arses.i can dream cant I

  3. Ahoy-hoy fellow yiddos. Dont hold your breath on Lennoon coming back any time soon. Knowing Redknapp’s history of injury recovery time estimates, 2 ‘harry weeks’ is equal to about 3 real months. Modric’s ‘4 weeks out’ became months and we still havent seen Woodgate despite him being out for a fortnight several months ago!

  4. We all know that ‘a couple’ means two, but in reality it is short for ‘a couple or so’. I heard he is out for a month, so I am going with worst estimate. If he comes back sooner, then bonus. We will miss his assists. Because of that, Kranjcar HAS to play in his place – most probably on the left. Kranjcar has a good number of assists for us in very few games. Forget Bentley – it ain’t gonna happen, sadly.

  5. redknapp……has confused some spurs fans…….

    we are there for the right reasons…….

    all the work being done………..etc

    come on u shpurs

  6. Why the hell is harry not complaining to Kieth Hackett over the bad tackles flying in to Lennon’s legs every week .And I thought Lennon hurt is foot thats what he pointed to the bench it must have flared up after.This will give him time to rest is battered legs even though we will miss him Kranjcar will be a good replacement.Happy New Year to all my fellow Spurs Fans and my Super Spurs.


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