Spurs to rival Man City in £24m bid


The News of the World are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur are ready to hijack Manchester City’s bid for James Milner.

The Aston Villa midfielder has been heavily linked with a £24million move to Eastlands, but according to the report, Harry Redknapp wants the former Newcastle and Leeds player.

Spurs have already bid £20million for Milner’s team-mate Ashley Young, and are also hoping to pick up Craig Bellamy in a £4million deal.


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  1. no…he would be a good player to have at the club, but we cannot compete with what man shitty can offer….so he would end up costing upwards of £30 mill, plus about £120 K a week….levy wont, and quite rightly shouldn't offer that kind of money….i am desperate for us to buy some quality players to strengthen our team, but who is out there that is available ?? Personally i would like Huntelaar, Turan, Richards, and poss Bellamy (annoying as hell but cant fault his passion) to come in, and Keane out

  2. Where would he play? Ahead of Lennon on the right? Ahead of Modric on the left? Unless we are adopting a diferent formation I think we have more important priorities, especially if we are going for Ashley Young as well. Don't get me wrong he's a great player but are we seriously going to offer more money than Man City?

  3. jenkerbet – Milner would play in centre, plus would be an option on left or right. The guy is so versatile. However I do feel that the guy needs to pin down a particular position in the next year or too.
    jon – not sure that it would make a dent….
    jimmy mac – we won't match what City offer, but it probably would be more than what Villa offer. Couple that with Champs League, and likelihood of first team football – it may be tempting. However, he may just want the cash. Worth a shot to see where his priorities lie.

  4. I think at best this is a non-sense story, if there is any truth in it, its simply to hasten Bellamys arrival by forcing City to make a move on Milner. We cannot compete with the wages City will offer, but we can perhaps get Bellamy this way. But FFS its Richards we should be chasing, desperately need cover in that area, and bloody fast mate!

  5. essexian76 – surely Bellamy is the nonsense story? Why would City sell their fans' favourite to one of their rivals? If they were to do it, wouldn't they ramp up the price to make it awkward for us? I can't see that one happening at all.

    • Well Tony that's my point, but in the same way City and Spurs did their deal regarding Bellamy and Palacios last term, it could possibly be a reverse of that maybe?

  6. Maybe a bit of mischief from Harry but otherwise complete tosh. City would offer ludicrous wages and will undoubtedly buy their way to the top very soon anyway. Why would we want him anyway? I'd much sooner have Arda Turan who could play wide either side. There are much more urgent areas to strengthen than this and we should be all out for a top notch striker and some cover at the back. In the long term Villa will never match City but will most likely be competing more directly with us so cant see Milner at WHL at all.

  7. Not sure TBH. I have seen him play well and play less well.
    IFF we are going to BUY a CMF we need a Captain type who can gee up the
    side, who is <26, who can actually tackle without the usual yellow card and who has a
    semblance of aattcking skill, ie he can pass short and long. He does not have to be fast
    but it would be nice not to have a crock. If he could also direct our attack and possesses
    an excellent free kick I would be prepared to kiss both Harry's and Daniels nether ends.

    But I g uess that I am playing championship manager in my dreams as I know of no such player :(


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