Spurs to settle for Cetin


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Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal are set to battle for Galatasary centre-half, Servet Cetin, according to the Daily Mail.

Cetin is measured at 6ft 4in and has apparently been scouted by the London rivals since the start of the year.

There remains some doubt as to whether Spurs would be willing to shell out the necessary £10m to land the Turkish defender, as Redknapp is satisfied with the four defenders he possesses, having spent £8m on Sebastian Bassong in the summer to complete the quartet.

Borussia Dortmund, Wolfsburg and FC Koln are also rumoured to be interested.

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  1. Idiot if he is better that what we have then stuff dawson and king much as we love them ,is this guy any good don’t know but can’t see us buying him and that’s were we fall down get rid of the crop of croc’s and bring in the tuff guys .If he’s better then flog dawson ,get rid of king sell hutton and bring him in .Keep woody as the back up play him like we play king ,let bassong learn from these two could be a great signing .We missed vermalen and look how he’s turned out so far let’s not miss another but only is he is better than dawson!!!!

  2. King’s contract up at end of season. I am sure we will negotiate a compromise deal that suits King and Spurs. We need King. Even if it is just to coach young defenders on his art! He has proven that he can come in when needed and perform at top level – just not every game. However, he will need to accept that Spurs cannot continue to rely on him as first choice. As for Cetin, how can we keep all defenders happy? I don’t see much truth in it – especially not for 10 million.

  3. Hi from Turkey,

    The worst thing can happen is Spurs to sign Cetin. His heading skill is good but hes too slow for a defender. I dont think that Spurs has no other option.

  4. Davy41 – Is that your IQ, or am i being generous? Get rid of King (who when does play is one of the top centre halves in the country) and Dawson for a player you’ve never even of heard of. I’d stick to Championship Manager if I were you.

  5. He is a great defender thats pysically strong, good in the air, tall and fast when he starts going as like most tall players he is slow when he starts moving, but he is a smart defender which makes but for that. he is the only good defender in the galatasaray squad but he wants to leave to play in a bigger league.


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