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I can’t help but feel that spurs are missing out on a massive opportunity to cement 4th place in the Premier League with their lack of transfer activity this month.

As we know we are currently competing for a Champions League spot with 3 or 4 other clubs. AVB has done great so far in getting the team into this position.

But I genuinely feel that we could give ourselves a massive advantage in gaining a top 4 spot by improving the squad this transfer window.

It’s fairly obvious to most of us that we require more options up front. Lewis Holtby will be a useful addition to the squad from what I have heard from fellow football fans. The fact that Daniel Levy appears to have stuttered over paying a few £100k for him is disgraceful, in my opinion, as he could have brought the quality to our team to have unlocked a stubborn QPR defence. Those two points dropped at Loftus Road could be the difference between Champions League and Europa league football for us next season. That would mean an estimated £30 million in revenue lost all because he was too tight to pay a small fee earlier on in the transfer window.

Now that the Holtby deal is done, if we can go and get a half decent striker to improve our options up front I believe that will put us in good stead for the remainder of the season.

Without an addition to our front line, I believe that we will be taking too big a risk and may result in us losing out on a top four spot which would, consequently, jeopardise our chances of signing big players in the summer.

Daniel Levy is no mug. He will know all this already. Let’s hope he puts his hand in his pocket before it’s too late.

Alex Burkwood

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  1. something that ive been saying for ages is that levy is the problem while he can be admired for keeping spurs on a secure finacial footing there are times in buisness when you need to speculate to accumalate , in football this means usually spending a large sum of money , which levy doesnt like doing , he much prefers so called bargain buys , siggurson and dempsey being prime examples and while dempsey has shown he might contribute something to the cause siggurson seems well short of whats required . this is levys shortcomings as he seldom makes a decision based primarilly on football reasons its always money for him which as in previous transfer windows has left our team short , last season being a prime example when we needed a player or two levy closed the door on redsnapp and we ended up losing out on a champions place thanks to chelski where as if the right player or two had come in we would have finished third . grow sum levy and bring in the options needed to put this club where it should be stop being so cheep cus your becoming an embarassment . coys

    • as a long going spurs fan i agree with you`re arguments.We need to spend some money on a goalmaker at least a 20 g.pr. season man. We are well covered in all the other places with class players, but up front its not the men that makes me sure of 4th place.

    • How can Levy make decisions based on football…what does he know about players? Yet here is a man with short arms and deep pockets making our football decisions and is in charge of the buying and selling of players. He is also not very good at selling players. He places ridiculous valuations on players i.e. Bentley, Jenas, Huddlestone and Gomez. He would rather them sit on our bench , if they are lucky, mostly not even in the squad. How long have they been out of the team collecting their wages. I bet if they had have been sold we could have had enough money to buy a striker easily. No the problem at Spurs is Levy without a doubt. Until he brings someone in to fulfill the role he is playing the transfer windows the better. Let him get back to what he does best…running the club.

  2. forget it levy will not spend a penny on a striker in this window if we do not get into the top four at the end of this season we will know who to blame LEVY,LEVY

  3. Firstly, we made a small loss last year. If Levy did not try to negotiate the best deals, we would have been more in debt…OR left in a position where we decide not to sign Holtby because of the debt. Remember that the team we signed Holtby from have a similar revenue to us…so why should we subsidise them? Secondly you are putting too much expected impact on a new arrival. If Holtby's impact was as immediate as most of our signings, then don't your breath. Besides, AVB usually eases players into the team slowly. Plus Why should Holtby jump the queue? He is junior. Buying an option up front won't cement 4th…it COULD cement it…just as Andy Carroll COULD have improved Liverpool.

  4. Another fan who sees only simplicity. By all means criticise Levy bu,t for crying out loud, suggest an alternative owner. Any fool can be negative but a constructive comment would at least look at the alterntives. Who would be a better owner? Ashley-the Venkys?

    • Firstly, Levy is not the 'owner' of our club, secondly, I don't think anyone is suggestig that he should be replaced but I am pleased that somebody has used the phrase 'speculate to accumulate'. Ox is dead right and if we had done that as soon as we had qualified for the Champions League a couple of seasons ago we would now have a team challenging for the title. Having supported the club for 57 years, I can assure you that there is no better feeling for a Spurs fan than our team being League Champions!

    • We are talking about a chairman not an owner. As for a constructive comment where is yours? More and more Spurs fans are getting fed up with Levy's cheap way of acting since he took the role over for the buying and selling of players. We have needed a good striker since Berbatov left us and had to watch each transfer window yeild crap results with the exception of Rafa and maybe Dembele. Daniel Levy doesn't know what he is doing in this role. All we seem to look at and buy are midfielders. I wish AVB would grow some balls and stop saying we are ok with the strikers we have…TWO. I wish he would tell Levy he needs a striker. If Levy fails us this window then good players will leave Spurs without a doubt. The only team members who will be happy if we don't buy a striker will be Adebayor and Defoe and the only person connected with Spurs who will be happy is Levy because he hasn't had to spend money. Personally I am so sick to death of Levy I would take anyone for a chairman over him. Still at least we will have some more money in the bank.

    • stupid remark to make , you do know that levy doesnt own spurs and a new owner is not what is needed i also dont think getting rid of levy is the thing to do , but if an oportunity arises then the chairman needs to react and grab it if he can , he says that top four is the AIM then if things are needed to cement that wish then give the manager the tools and options to do the job , if yu want a hole dug and your spade is a bit dodgy then you get a new spade , levy would just wrap tape round the spade and tell yu to get on with it , he needs to take a chance and invest so far we are only 3.5 mill down after the sales and purchases of the summer so not like we have any dosh

  5. Look who levy brought in last january need i say more We need a top striker

    I just hope he don’t sign the second rate stirker playing in scotish second rate football

  6. I quite often criticise levy, justifiably I feel. However, it sometimes does escape me, the fact that money does not grow on trees. The sad truth is; we do not have the money of Chelsea, nor of Man City. Much as I would like to see levy going nuts with money, I would not like it to be to the detriment of the overall financial situation of the club. That said, I think he could afford to spend a bit more.

  7. You say that Levy is no mug, and he already knows that Spurs are in need of a quality striker. I would suggest that he is a mug if he realises this already, as he's done nothing to adress the problem in the past 3-4 years…Adebayor, Defoe, Dempsey, Saha, Pavlechenko,Crouch etc are not the answer – Damiao, Negredo,Van Persie, Villa, Dezko etc are the quality of striker we need to compete consistently at the top level.

  8. Spurs only brought forward the Holtby signing because Sandro got injured during the QPR game. How on earth we could’ve paid an extra few quid to have him playing that day is a mystery as we’d never spoken Schalke about him at that point. That was because Holtby was allowed to negotiate directly as he only had 6 mths on his contract.

  9. Everything said is what i mentioned in my so called 'Rant' of a few days ago. A number of people disagreed with my opinion then, it appears that now most are actually agreeing with me. Good to know i now have a good deal of support reagrding my feelings.

    By CheekyCockney


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