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It’s not that long since a preview of a home game against Bolton, with Allardyce, Nolan, Okocha et al in their pomp would’ve included phrases, like “tough to beat” and “rivals for European place” and in the case of Kevin Davies – “nemesis”. Even last season we only just managed to overcome them with Niko Kranjcar’s last minute piledriver seeing them off.

All that seems to have changed though and most people, assuming Harry abandons his tactic of picking players who’ve apparently never met before, would expect us to cruise to a comfortable win given the respective form of the two sides. 28 points from 30 says everything you need to know about us, whilst 18th in the table with just 9 screams trouble for the Trotters.

So that’s it then. A win to us. Shall we not bother and just give everyone an extra afternoon of Christmas shopping instead? Yeah, why not.

It’s not that straightforward of course as we found out on Wednesday night where the concept of just needing to turn up to win got a big hairy bare-chested slap in the chops. Even though they’re struggling Bolton still possess players we fear (Davies), covet (Cahill), have scored against before (Petrov & Steinsson) and of international quality (Klasnic). They also are fighting for their Premier League status, a motivation we shouldn’t underestimate. Throw in match referee Stuart Atwell, always capable of a maverick decision or seven, and perhaps it’s not quite such a forgone conclusion as it first appears.

The prematch atmosphere will no doubt be put into a sombre mood by a tribute to Gary Speed, made more poignant by the fact that Bolton are one of his former clubs of course.

Modric will come back into our team, whether VdV will be given another week off or not I don’t know. Other than that, we’ll stick to what’s become our first choice XI of late I suspect.

With Man Utd facing a not altogether straightforward task at Villa, there’s a slim possiblity that if all goes well, we may staring up at Man City and only Man City by the end of the weekend. Here’s hoping. COYS.


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  1. This game has the desperate label written all over it and i expect too see Bolton playing like the Greeks fast and snappy eight in attack and the same amount in defence . By the seventy min mark they should be tired and we should then score the winning Goals. Thats how football used too be but now teams top up there tempo at half time and you have to score before it kicks back in before the 50 min and be leading or drawing or it will be like the Greek game blocks saves and frustration we need luck goals and bags of nerves too keep our run going trust me the north west is full of it and on there day Everton Blackburn Liverpool Bolton Wigan can all raise there game to get valuable points when they are desperate

  2. This is a dangerous game because of Davies and the fact w have conceded more goals from headers and we have let the most crosses in our box in the premiership. We need to score at-least three goals too win this game and beat Bolton's extra energy another 3-1

  3. Main thing to remember is we will have Scott Parker and a more useful back line. Davies is no match for King and Kaboul and Cahill is no match for Ade and Defoe. We will win this quite comfortably, I guarantee it! COYS!!!

  4. Top up there tempo at 1/2 time & you have to score before it kicks back in..5 mins later!? Wtf is that about Dav Spurs. I read your posts every week about half time breaks, scoring by 'this minute' & if we preserve our energy this will happen 'that minute'. Punctuation marks would help for a start. I appreciate your a student of the game but your predictions rarely happen so whatever you do dont bet on them. Theres no need to overthink & over analyse as we are a class act and we can beat anyone (and that includes all teams based i the NW) without luck and can score at any time given any situation. Actually they should worry about us as my prediction is someone is gonna get a real tonking soon from us an that might even be Bolton. Might even be bigger than Wigan result.

  5. I'm terribly worried about this one. The disappointment of Europe on Wednesday, added to a lot of nonsense suddenly being written about us being a "Great Side" could mean we're not in the right frame of mind to take on a desperate Bolton side who you can bet will be fighting all the way. We have to put aside all the talk of a league title waiting for us and how great out players are and concentrate on playing hard to get the three points. Bolton are not going to gift wrap it for us. If we're honest we'll admit that in quite a few recent games things could have gone wrong for us but thankfully they didn't. We must show that Wednesday was not the start of a downturn in our results. We have to play with intensity and not stuff up our great run now.


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