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Tottenham Hotspur face Manchester United this evening in the Premier League at White Hart Lane.

Chat with your fellow fans right from when the team news is announced through to after the match. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions with us and Spurs fans from all around the world.

Let’s start with, what do you think the team should be?

Use the comments box, below to leave your messages and begin interacting with Tottenham supporters from all over the world.

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  1. a load of rubbish!! too much tinkering with a winning side and thats what you get!!! keane on the left?? then why did we sign kranjcar??? same old tottenham once again..change a good side that have been winning just to “””””rest”””” players and you lose,when will our managers learn that????

  2. take crouch out the back and shoot him.hes not good enuf at all. we go 2-1 down and harry brings on a denfender and 2 midfielders wiv pav layin on the bench.a complete joke.utd deserve all the points

  3. crouch has 2 great chances and cudn score to save his life.he may score and do well against teams like birmingham but no were near good enuf against the big teams.pav shud of had his chance also hudd got outplayed also not gud enuff. thank god for jenas and can some1 plz explain to me y corluka came off for hutton wen were 2-1 down!!!!

  4. Arry wants to England next manager and yet he can’t figure out Fergie. To beat United you need a strong midfield and by playing Keano on the left meant you have only 3 mid-fielders and if you take out Lennon, you are left with Huddlestone and Palacios running all over? There wasn’t any balance in the midfield and reason why we lost the plot today. Removing Corluka instead of replacing a tired Crouchy with Pav proved wrong. When we went down to 10 men against Blackburn last season whilst we were 1 up, Arry did not make any substitute to reinforce his midfield and we lost the game. As soon as United went down to 10, Fergie made an immediate substitute removing a striker to a midfielder. Arry is no near Fergie and never will. ARRY FORGET ABOUT THE ENGLAND JOB!! You are lucky to have the Spurs job and stick to that. Try and get Spurs in 4th place and from what I can see it will be difficult especially with the love for KEANE? Bench Keane and Spurs will do much better.

  5. what the hell are you talking about? too much tinkering? what tinkering??? the only change was modric because of injury!!! krancjar has only just signed and has been on international duty so barely has had time to train with the full squad and learn his role in the team… so it made sense to play keane on the left, which he has done many times before, instead of risk playing Krancjar… i thought we were poor defensively today but don’t say we were tinkering when we clearly weren’t!!

  6. Had this game been against another Premier League team, just maybe we might have nicked it especially after taking the lead early on. The first 2 goals came rather from quasi-set pieces and not really Man U’s outright technical dominance. The tactical mistake with Spurs game was over reliance on air balls to Crouch with little creative play to put Defoe, Lennon and Keane in good positions, and Man U easily read their play. Secondly, Spurs overall defensive tactics were really poor. For one thing when playing against a Man U, you need to stifle their creative play and initiatives by having players defending right upfront and to stifle players (the type of defensive tactics we used against Liverpool) rather than adapting a covering tactics with players running to the defence anytime they lose the ball while allowing Man U players all the time to create their play. By and large, it was more of a tactical defeat, than a question of the outright technical dominance of Man U players over Spurs players.

  7. No creativity unfortunately. Crouch did well but it made us play the long ball way to often. We have been doing well without knocking long balls from the defence in previous matches and should have stuck to that. Cudicini did well. Looks like he is getting his form back.
    Subs didn’t do well. Jenas played well for 20 mins and then went AWOL! Kranjcar didn’t do much. Looks a lil heavy too. Very surprised again at Gio not even making the subs.
    We have to get some creativity into the game especially with Chelsea up next. I honestly think Keane should start on the bench the next game and we need a proper left sided midfielder. And lets play some proper football and not just lofting the ball up in the air and hope for knock downs.

  8. I am outright gobsmacked as to why GIO did not even make the subs? Not only has he been in incredible form for Mexico but he also played great against Doncaster. When it was clear that Evra was holding Lennon, I think Lennon should have switched with Keane so he could run at O’Shea who doesn’t have the pace or the skill that Evra does. We were outdone by the champions, they hole heartedly deserved the 3 points. We need to learn how to go up a notch when a team goes down a player. We really missed modric..

  9. Harry is no tactician. Hutton was destroyed by Rooney even with fresh legs. Why on earth was Corluka removed? He had kept Rooney quite up to the point that Harry removed him. Its going to be a long season if Harry keeps tinkering with the team and screwing things up like he id this time.


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