Spurs warned they need to change their style away from home


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Burnley defender Clarke Carlisle has warned Tottenham that they will need a different game plan when they are away from home.

Spurs fired five past the Clarets at White Hart Lane last weekend, but Carlisle believes Harry Redknap’s side need an alternative style away from home.

‘Spurs’ way of playing seems very much to be “You score three, we’ll score four”,’ Carlisle told the London Evening Standard.

‘We could have had a few goals ourselves on Saturday, and it will be interesting to see whether Spurs play the same way away from home this season, as it is a very attacking style.

‘They have a flowing, attacking manner, clever strikers, and good providers from midfielders, so they will always be a threat at home.

‘But it is very important in this League that you get results away from home – as we are finding to our detriment.’

Do you agree with Carlisle’s comments?

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  1. When they score 1 goal against us then maybe he could have a point but after a 5-0 drubbing you should really just keep quiet.

    I dont think he is qualified to say anything really after being humiliated so much on the weekend.

  2. Yeah what the hell is he talking about, since Harry came in our away form is pretty good. I think THEY need to make some changes away.

  3. Makes me laugh the amount of “We were unlucky” nonsense I’ve heard coming from Burnley since Saturday. They were open like a barn door all game, we could easily have had 8 goals, and then Coyle has the nerve to say the result flattered us.

    Fair enough their goal should have stood in the first half, but other than that we were in complete control and never really had to break a sweat.

    I have nothing against Burnley, I have quite a soft spot for them after the way they played against us in the Carling Cup last season. But I was really shocked at how bad they were on Saturday, I really expect more from them after last season. The room we had to pass the ball around and the complete lack of closing down by the was embarrassing to watch at times.

  4. Attack is the best form of defence! I would rather see Spurs 5-3 every match than watch a boring 0-0 or 1-0 win. Isnt that what football is all about. The team that scores the most wins…simple. In our away matches we should be as positive as we are at home. Let the other team worry about us. If we lose …fine but isnt it better to lose having a go, rather than going out with a whimper.

  5. I disagree with Clark’s comments,as we may look a little fragile at the back just now,but this will be rectified when someone better than we already have becomes available.

  6. Has Clarke heard that Spurs have won 5-1 at Hull and 2-1 at West Ham already this season with the only dropped points being at Chelsea where not many teams will come away with anything this season. Throw in a couple of 5-1 away wins in the Carling Cup too against Carling Cup opposition. Makes Spurs a slightly different proposition to Burnley away from home so thanks for the advice Clarke but I think ‘Arry will ignore it.

  7. I think he has a point. Our defeats to Man U this season and last proved his point. Harry hasn’t have a clue when coming tos.close up games especially against the better team. Hack, even Harry admit that point, after our 5 one thrashing of Hull. He actually mentioned about us getting whacked bc’os of our attacking style.


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