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Darren Bent has finally hit back at Harry Redknapp for his jibe that his wife could have scored a chance that he missed.

The former Tottenham striker missed a simple headed chance during the 1-1 draw against Portsmouth at White Hart Lane last season.

“I missed chances at Charlton and I will miss chances in the future. But never once has a manager said what he said.

“If he was to have a go at me in the dressing room then I could take it. 

“But next morning when people were ringing me and saying, ‘have you heard what Harry said?’ – then it’s not nice.

“I felt hurt. I also felt frustrated and angry. But there’s not a lot you can do.

“I put it behind me and just concentrated on scoring goals.

“At Charlton I used to play every game but at Spurs I would just get 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there.

“But although you were hardly playing, people would still have the same expectations of you.

“I spoke to my mum and dad and people close to me about it. 

“They reassured me. They told me to bide my time because my time would come again.

“I tried to give my answer on the pitch. But the more goals I scored, the more criticism I got!

“It was pretty rough at White Hart Lane. Spurs wasn’t the right move for me. I think Sunderland is right.”

He added: “If I’m scoring goals and playing well there’s no reason why I can’t get back into the England team.

“It would be fantastic if I could score the goals that put Sunderland into the top ten of the Premier League and ended up going to the World Cup finals with England in South Africa.”

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  1. the comment was a bad joke from redknapp….in public
    and was taken back ….bent could easily have had a word wth redknapp in his office?.claryfing etc…..the twitter blah blah was not wise

    whatever his feelings are….its more media blah blah as this article shows……..not required in the bigger picture

  2. Poor little Darren Bent – nasty Harry upset him boo hoo.
    As Bent said it must have been rough at the Lane with the manager making a nasty comment and not getting a hug when you miss yet another open goal – I hope the 50k a week made up for the rough time he had to endure.
    Although probably true Redknapp should not have made that comment.
    If Bent is such a great player why didn’t a big club come in for him – Sunderland were the only club to make an offer.
    He slates Redknapp who picked him regularly but no criticism of Jol or Ramos who left him on the bench.
    Bent did OK for Spurs but never really fitted in, it would be nice for a player to leave a club and admit that they didn’t do as well as they could have done instead of always blaming the manager, chairman, fans or the club.

  3. Mr Bent you arrived at Spurs knowing and accepting that we had 3 other good strikers here and that you would have to wait for your chance. You cannot expect to start ahead of the likes of Keane, Berbatov and 3rd choice Defoe who are far better players than you are. When the aforementioned players left the club at the start of last season, you failed to take your chance and contributed to the clubs worst start in 90 years. You are a cumbersome, limited striker who can only score tap in goals if chances are spoon fed to you on a plate. Oh that miss against Pompey just showed how technically deficient you are.

  4. The money was good though wasn’t it. As they sa there is no I in Team, which shows he was more interested in what was good for hime and not the team. Good Riddance.

  5. Al, I agree. He really was awful. I could never understand why we signed him in the first place, horrific decision. Just happy he has moved on so we can sto hearing him whinge. Amen.

  6. Not many spurs fans wanted you in the first place your a championship player at best.Harry had every right to have a go, in the real world you would of been sacked for not being able to do your job ,anyway at long last your not our problem

  7. I thought Darren Bent was and still is a quality player, its a shame that the set up was wrong for him at Spurs. I thought that when Modric came in he would be perfect for Bent slipping balls through the oppo’s back four for Bent to get onto. I sympathise for Him and wish him luck for the future.

    Good luck Darren. Thanks for sticking in there when it was difficult.

  8. off u go sonny jim, wasnt over the moon when we signed u, and yes i remember that missed chance againgst portsmouth, would of won us the game!!!

  9. Get over it Bent, you know what redknapps like with his crap jokes im sure he apologised so just get over it unless your that weak to keep going on about it then no wonder your not a top notch striker if things like that bothered you

  10. Ahh, poor princess. Bent turned up comanding a high price (though that’s not his fault) and a high salary, but he failed to deliver. Harry said what everyone else was thinking. Personally, I think its nice to have an hinest down to earth gaffer.

    At the end of the day, Bent can whine all he likes. But he was crap before Harry arrived and didn’t get any better. He’s right Spurs weren’t the right club for him, but he wasn’t the right player for Spurs. We needed a finisher that didn’t keep missing chances and getting caught offside.

    Sunderland is much more his sort of club and when they go down again, he will be in his sort of league.

  11. I’m bored of listening to him rant on, you got your move so why not keep it shut. Not too professional really eh dazza.

  12. spurs were too big a club for bent.. we need world class players not former charlton stars who aint talented enough to make the extra step up.

  13. to be honest he wasnt that bad, keane misses sitters every game but nobody mentions it. his goal to game ratio while not as good as defoes is miles better than keanes, come on you so called spurs fans alright he wasnt the best signing ever but there have been far worse rasiak anyone!!!!

  14. are you serious mr williams
    bent was and always will be a useless waste of space and is as ruthless infront of goal as a one legged blind man
    he along with jenas are lucky to have worn the lillywhite shirt
    when both players are well below spurs class
    1 down 1 to go

    and mr williams , we all know your a gooner cos you talk utter bollocks !!!

  15. Is this alleged man for real? £50,000 a week and his manager tells the truth about his goal scoring prowess!! 2 yards out and you miss lets not forget when he joined we had keane,defoe and berbatos the fella said im not scred to fight for my place ,and heres the joke all 3 left and he still couldnt hold down a regular spot,good riddance you donkey maybe you can do for sunderland what you did for charlton and take them down too

  16. Redknapp was out-of-line with the jibe about his wife could have put the ball in the back of the net, especially to come out with it in public shows poor taste and bad judgement…saying that, I think we paid way over the odds for him in the first place and that expectation from the board/fans and weight on his shoulder I think played a big part in some of his games.

    But credit is due, where credit is due, his goal scoring ratio/time on pitch is very decent indeed.

  17. Darren, sorry you had such a rough time. I would have scored that goal though. Happy to give a few pointers for your sunderland future to show no hard feelings. No 1, the goal is the one with the netting. I think where you were going wrong was aiming for the corner flag all the time.

  18. We paid over the odds for a limited player – He’s a decent enough finisher providing the whole team set up is geared towards him (1 up front 5 man midfield) and thats not the way we play.
    Harry’s comment was an off the cuff comment that anyone would’ve said. However as the manager you have to keep those coments out of the public domain.
    But a professional should treat those comments as water off a ducks back and not stew on them.
    Scored a good few goals for us but was never going to be 1st choice

  19. You just wasn’t good enough, poor runs into the box, bad judgement and TOO MANY missed chances that were vital and cost us points. Only suprised he stayed as long as he did !

  20. “spurs wasn`t the right move for me” don`t you mean “bent wasn`t the right move for spurs” i used to stick up for bent sometimes but his constant whining is getting on my nerves ,your`e a sunderland player now focus on them ,spurs blah spurs blah blah get over it ,rich players milk it when things are going for them ,& moan like little bitches when it aint ,got to take the rough with the smooth bent ,you should try doing some of our jobs for a week then you will realise how cushy you got it ,when you play badly in front of 36000+ fans and millions on sky ,expect the stick or do a job where you won`t be seen ,good honest workers paying to watch you pay out of their hard earned cash are entitled to criticise when they are not getting what they pay to see ,do your job well(modric,torres,ronaldo) & you`ll be cheered & loved by thousands ,but if you don`t you know what to expect , so stop crying like a bitch & feeling sorry for yourself because you failed us & youself, glad you`re gone & i suppose jenas, keane & bentley are next ,blaming everyone else for their own failures

  21. Hmmm I DID have a certain amount of sympathy for Bent, when Levy seemed to draw the sale out and then only get £10m for him anyway, but I am getting slightly pissed off to see him slagging us off in the press every day and Im relieved and pleased he’s gone. I can’t believe we’ve managed to unload him.
    In all honesty, possibly the worst striker I’ve ever seen in our shirt. 17 goals last season perhaps, but if they gave a golden boot for misses, he’d have walked it. No better than Championship material at best. So much for the lightning acceleration over 100 yards we were told about when he joined. Not much f use if you can’t finish!
    It all smacks of sour grapes and frankly ‘Arry only said what we’d been thinking for ages. Crouch already looks a promising alternative given Sunday’s bright start.


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