Stat Attack: Norwich vs Tottenham

  • ·         Norwich drew two with Wolves in their last game with goals from Andrew Surman and substitute Simon Jackson
  • ·         As well as scoring the equaliser Andrew Surman covered the most ground for Norwich with 7.4 miles, the fourth time he has done so in the last five games
  • ·         Russell Martin won eight tackles in the game against Wolves, the highest number of any player in the last round of games
  • ·         Marc Tierney has averaged 6.9 miles per game this season, the 6th highest of any player in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index. Overall Norwich have covered 1231 miles so far this season, second only to Newcastle who have covered 1245 miles
  • ·         Spurs drew 1-1 with title rivals Chelsea in their last Barclays Premier League fixture
  • ·         Adebayor scored his 9th Barclays Premier League goal of the season in a game in which Spurs were out run by their London rivals by 59.63 miles to 62.39 miles
  • ·         Adebayor is the best player in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index away from home, with an average Index score of 29 in matches on the road
  • ·         Raniere Sandro covered the most ground for Spurs in that game with 6.24 miles
  • ·         Rafael van der Vaart is the second most accurate shooter in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index, when comparing players who have had more than 20 efforts at goal, with 78% of shots on target
  • ·         Luka Modric has now completed 456 passes in his opponent’s half, the fifth highest of any player in the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index

Premier League - EA Sports Stats

Stats courtesy of EA SPORTS Player Performance Index

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  1. This is music too my ears i have tried too stop this energy abuse after reporting a team three seasons ago and its got worse with fear of relegation looming. These results should have fans scratching there heads Chelsea 1 Fulham 1 West Brom 0 City 0 Liverpool 1 Blackburn 1 all have one thing in common apart from shock scores High Work Rate. This high work rate or Tut for short i call it is the hidden scandal football is hiding and Kolo Toure and Paddy Kenny are not alone i no 100 percent its that big Ukad the new testers are afraid too tackle it, The money involved in football has caused this explosion in football fuelled by every energy drinks that has bean invented is passed on the field at every break in play.. These drinks only give you ten percent more energy and i discovered where the rest comes from and it shocked me along with shock results and all the sudden deaths all over Europe. I had it confirmed by a drug tester lady its rife ephedrine and other supplements are being swallowed before and during half time i call this top up tempo hence the word T.U.T. So i cant share in commentators admiration for some teams work rate and energised performance when i see the same mesmeric chasing of the ball in all these shock results if you watch it with me you would see a recurring pattern in the way Tut teams play chasing the ball without worrying about using energy like a pace maker running fast and winning the race instead of running of the track tired. There are other signs but they will remain in my head and i can tell after 15 to 20 mins it will be a hard game and Chelsea never disappointed me with there surge in tempo.i expect Norwich and Swansea to have high Work rate but Spurs to overcome it with more goals if the linesman or women and referee allow us too.


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