“I want to stay at Spurs for life”


Benoit Assou-Ekotto

Benoit Assou-Ekotto has claimed that he would like to stay at Tottenham for the rest of his career.

After a tough start to life at White Hart Lane, the Cameroon international has cemented his place in the team at left-back under Harry Redknapp.

“Team spirit here is exceptional under Harry,” he told the News of the World.

“I want to stay at Spurs for life.

“I would have signed for six years! I love playing in the Premier League, it’s the best league in the world. Why would I want to play anywhere else?”

“When you are out for 18 months, people forget about you,” he said.

“When I eventually returned some of my team-mates did not know who I was. Alan Hutton asked Jermaine Jenas, ‘Who’s this?’

“Nobody remembered me, but it made me hungrier to establish myself as a first-team regular.”

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  1. The guy played a blinder against Chelsea the other day I was really surprised at how well he did play in the past I must confess to have cussed him out but he seems to be one of those players who rises for the big occasion if he can keep his level like he did against Chelsea then yeah long may the relationship blossom between player and club. I must admit that I like BAE’s honesty not alot of that in this game we love from players much these days. Well done Benoit. Lillywhitetilidie

  2. Steve 96….Good call BAE is honest about his feelings, if he says he hopes to stay then I reckon he means it…Good news for us !!

  3. Top Cat Benny.

    One of very few players with a tad of sincerity about them, you`re more than welcome to stay at WHL imho, he has shown some great qualities and his cover and work rate has vastly improved over the last few years, and I think he will e a Spurs legend come the end of his career.


  4. Good calls by all so far. BAE is really improving and he was awesome against Chelsea especially. Good luck to him! Let’s hope he get’s better and better over the next 6 years!

    Can’t think of many better left backs in the prem or even at Spurs for the last twenty years….

  5. Si, i am a spurs fan and i was also lucky to be a youth captain with them and i would always stick up for our player, but your comment "cant think of any better left backs in the Prem" are you being serious? lol

  6. last year he said he dreams of 1 day returning 2 France and that he only plays football 4 money. not what u want 2 hear but honest. now I don’t know what 2 believe. he is also sometimes appalling, a big risk in CL and PL if we want to do well.

  7. Well said the foux – good against chelsea – but i allways worry when he has the ball – he’s getting better at supplying the ball to Bale and look at the pass to defo for our goal against chelsea.

    Good talent – just needs to concentrate fully and not only in the big games.

  8. Whatever he has said in the past does not matter. However he is showing signs of patriotism now & that counts for me.
    My advice to him is to study the clips of his performances & work hard to remedy his f..k ups. These can be improved if he puts his mind to rectify them. The area that mostly needs brushing up is when he races on the flank. Needs to take control solely like what Bale & Lennon does. Appears to lack confidence in these areas & does need support & confidence from the coach. If he improves here, then he is world class.

  9. Think he is the most consistent Spurs player. Its been awhile since he had a bad game. Good thing abt him is, if he does have a bad game, he bounces back well the next game.

  10. this guy has been quality , he plays a decent out ball from the back, and is comfortable on the ball. does not get 100% right but that is cause he is trying a more difficult delivery. i think he is truly a un-sung hereo of this spurs team.


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