Stoke boss reflects on late win at Tottenham


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Stoke City boss Tony Pulis described their 1-0 victory at Tottenham as ‘a massive three points’.

The away side stole all three points with just four minutes to play at White Hart Lane, while the home side were down to ten men due to an injury to Aaron Lennon.

“It was an absolutely tremendous result for us. To come to a team who will break into the top four and get three points really shows how far this football club has come,” Pulis told Stoke’s official site.

“I am absolutely delighted for the supporters because once again they were immense. They stood behind the team when they were on top of us and really helped the lads through.

“Tottenham were fantastic at times today, but we kept them out and then when we had the chance we took it. It was a great goal, and once again Ricardo pulled something out of the bag to set him up.

“The DNA of this Club is that you have to turn up and work hard, and we certainly did that today,” he added.

“It is important to work as a group and that is why we have got this result. That is why we have achieved what we have over the past few years. Whilst we have fantastic individuals like Ricardo and Matty Etherington, the key is to work as a unit, and that was a great example of that today.

“We can’t get to carried away with the result because we have a massive game coming up against Wolves. It will be the first time they have come to our place as a Premier League Club, so I am desperate for the supporters to show them exactly what we are made of now.”

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  1. Words fail me and this and the other results in the champions league show me football is in a worse state than cycling and athletics were in there bad old drug days .And the big problem that has caused this is Television money and fear of the sack, last year was a terrible year for rugby and football with premature deaths .And two years before is when the heart attack drug ephedrine was brought to my attention that a top teams physiotherapist had bean giving is team pure Ephedrine widely used in rugby league and union circles.This could be a coincidence and its not for me to say any different s but it made me wonder whether this drug had anything to do with this worrying and sudden deaths of players.This drug killed a 21 year old girl witch started with back pain and quickly ended with major organ failure and she died the doctors discovered she starved to death even thou she started eating .This is why so many footballers look gaunt and ill looking and the most dangerous habit is these caffeine energy drinks mixed with Ephedrine can be lethal but this is common along with aspirin to make it work quicker.This discovery has ruined my football and with the television and after match interviews i find myself looking for the tell tale sine’s of EPHEDRINE and like Robbie Williams and Whitney Huston appearance on ex factor its there for all to see except UK Sport and the FA and some fans.So don’t question where we failed look at why the opposition succeed you will find they worked harder to win and used more energy ?

  2. Our unfortunate defeat against Stoke proves once again that we have to improve on our finishing. With so many goal-scoring chances we should have been able to score one goal at least if not two. Substituting Huddlestone and Keane a little too hastily perhaps, in my opinion, was a mistake as it somehow disorganised our game. We then had less and less scoring opportunities in the face of a strengthening Stoke defence.

  3. To be honest, i think we have problems meeting hardworking teams like Stoke, Birmingham etc………think we will face the same problem when Everton, Wigan and Bolton etc come to the lane. The problem is…….it is our need for a central playmaker who can pierce open all-out defending teams with one pass or long-range shot. Huddleston and Jenas at CM won’t do for us. We need CM like Kaka, Xabi, Alonoso etc. Heard that Van Der Vaart is available…let’s go get him.


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