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ADEL TAARABT has told Tottenham Hotspur that he wants to leave the club.

The midfielder has failed to make an impact at White Hart Lane in two-and-half seasons, where he has yet to start a Premiership game.

Taarabt, 20, spent time on loan at QPR last season and was wanted by Spanish club Malaga in a loan-to-buy transfer.

“Malaga do not have the funds to agree a fee,” he told Moutakhab.net. “Malaga wanted me to join on loan with the option to buy.

“Spurs’ president agreed the transfer, but the problem is Harry. I contacted him and said ‘listen to the offers coach. I’ve been here for two years and never really have a chance’.

“There are clubs that want me who are ready to give me a chance. I want to improve and prove my talent. If I stay at Tottenham I wouldn’t be able to do that. I want to leave.

“The manager has said that if I want to leave then it has to be a permanent transfer. I said there are clubs that want me, but you’re asking for €5million or €6million when you could sell me for €3million.

“Even if I went to Malaga for one season I could showcase my talent and gain more experience. I could generate interest from other clubs, either way I want to leave Tottenham.”

Should Spurs sell Taarabt and use the money on better players?  Whatever your view, express it below.

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  1. This is a tricky one the lad has talent but somtimes playes schoolyard football meaning he keepe the ball to long .He played a great pass to moderic when he had a cameo role then his loan spell came to a stop with injury .let him go abroad and see how he plays then deside in january.we have some great midfielders and its a shame for him bale dosantos moderic bentley are all chasing one spot.Also there is no reserves anymore to keep these fringe players competative .

  2. Tarrabt is young and we need to nurture our youth..so I say keep him but loan him out, much the same with Bale, people who say that he should be sold because he is ‘bad-luck’ etc are talking out of their arse-nal. Nurture the young, align them next to some seasoned accomplished pro’s i.e. Keane, Defoe, Woodgate and watch them come through.

    We have to be realistic, in this climate we just cannot compete with the Man City’s and Real’s so we have to do our best to get second best and with Levy being directed by one of the shrewdest operators in the business (Redknapp) I am sure we will come good. Just look at Harry’s dealings at Portsmouth and how he improved them no-end and the wonders he worked with West Ham.

    Give Harry and the board time, let him work his ‘magic’ and I am sure Spurs will be a top 5 team very soon.

  3. It’s funny how Harry says football management isn’t rocket science, as he seems to make the left midfield situation look like quantum physics!

    I mean why not play Modric out of position on the left, force two of the brightest left midfield prospects in Europe out of the club, and then attempt to buy Downing for silly money. Add to this the need to sell better players than Downing to raise said “silly money”, then we’re making the matter even more complicated.

    Despite the injury problems and Ramos UEFA registration fiasco of last year can’t Harry just work with these talents and actually play them? This would be far cheaper than $hitting away more money on an unproven player in the Premiership and actually provide some creativity in our team. Worse still we’ll be looking at at Adel and Gio prospering at other clubs then being resold for 5 times the amount in a few years. But we prefer the “we want top money for someone you know we don’t rate or play”. It’s no wonder Harry has the wheeler dealer reputation.

    I like Harry but he has this habit of talking up his success and blaming shifting to divert attention from his failings. He loves to talk about the young talent he nurtured through at West Ham, now serving the likes of Chelsea and England well. What chance he’ll bring some of the young quality we have at Spur through? My bet is hell be making a few comments about being priced out of the market or Levy not providing the money before he plays the kids.

    Without European football to tempt real players of quality, why don’t we actually play them and fight it out for the position.

    Adel, Gio or Downing………..it’s not rocket science Harry!


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