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I have been concerned for many years under a number of different managers at Tottenham at our lack at opposition corners of Not leaving at least 1 player up field. I just dont understand the logic of bringing everyone back. No only does it mean there are ‘more’ players within a small area of play, but more often than not, the ball gets knocked out from an opposition corner and every time we then continue to be under pressure as they continue to have the ball and continue attacking. If we left just 1 player up front the opposition would have to have 2 players back to combat that (hence less players in that crowded area), plus it would give us a chance to get the ball ourselves and make a counter attack.

This happened – unfortunately against us – on Saturday against Chelsea. We had a corner, they left a player up front, our corner got knocked out, their player got the ball and they Scored from that breakaway.

I know we are not the only team that does this, but it’s not rocket science to see that leaving a player up front at a corner would be a good tactic.

I believe it is something our present manager should consider.

I am sure there are those who will agree and also know others will disagree. But it is a good topic for conversation.

By CheekyCockney

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  1. Not only having a player outside the area, but also in designated spaces so that defenders making clearances at least have the opportunity of knowing where to direct them. I am sure some bright spark can show us the percentage of successful clearances from corners for Spurs – I am sure it is very low. When Defoe is our target player, even now he is receiving too many balls in the air, and this reduces his chance of gaining the ball. In addition a number of Spurs defenders kick (or head) to nowhere in particular (and not just Dawson). An hour on refining the quality of clearances under pressure would be worthwhile.

  2. our issue with corners is in opposition box…% of goals scored from corner will probably be down the bottom end of the league, we sold 2 of our best corner takers – modric and van der vaart. Siggy hits the first player 90% of the time, was woeful against chelsea.

    we have big players who can jump, get the ball into dangerous areas for them

  3. Brij, Modric was useless at taking corners! He always used to hit the first defender! Van Der Vaart took a decent corner though. When Hudd is in the side, he should take corners as he isn't strong in the air anyway.


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