THE TEAMS: Sporting Lisbon vs Tottenham Hotspur


Niko Kranjcar, Adel Taarabt and Robbie Keane are among the starters for Tottenham’s pre-season friendly clash against Sporting Lisbon this evening.

Tottenham: Cudicini; Hutton, Corluka, Walker, Naughton; Kranjcar, Jenas, Huddlestone, Bale; Taarabt; Keane.

Subs – Jansson, Button, Kaboul, Pavlyuchenko, Rose, Mason, Townsend, Obika, Smith, Butcher.

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  1. This looks like a team full of condemned men – he's getting Hutton, Walker, Naughton, Taraabt, Keane, and please Jenas fit enough to be sold in the next few weeks – this won't be worth watching.

  2. Wow, 4 right backs in defense. We do have defensive issues. I’m guessing bassong and dawson haven’t rejoined the squad yet.

  3. This is the same defence as we put out against New York,as the World Cup players don't return to training until tomorrow.I'm guessing Kaboul will come on in the second half.

  4. Perhaps after this game,those Spurs fans who are not convinced about how inept Robbie Keane really is will be convinced.He will wander around in the oponents half being offside more than any other player on the field and will be unable to convert anything but the smplest of chances.I hope we do not get pointing fingers and other meaningless gestures.

  5. Well the game is over and we should be proud of our lads we put on a great display and Keane yes Keane who i want to stay played great and we where unlucky to lose. This is all down to City not scoring We showed Capello England's hands are safe and are at Tottenham Rose fast Townsend fast Walker fast Obika fast Huddlestone is loved in America because he is like a quarter back spraying passes Walker become of age on this tour rose and Bale linked well has did Townsend in the earthquakes game . The World Cup may have bean disappointing but watching these English players perform makes you feel optimistic. Huddlestone could have mades Tottenham History with is attempt from near halfway he is letting the Italian know with every game he made a big mistake leaving him on Holiday some of his passing had the Yanks drooling in the commentary box . Harry complained he would rather be at home but with the heat and quality of the oposition we had a good work out and a few kids rose to the top and we have three others away on under 19 teens duty. the commentators where saying how good is this Tottenham team with all the players missing a great tribute to our squad and the Kids must stay Keane Jenas out Taarabt Hutton and Man CITY Sickners

  6. Well your kinda right bout the defenders but Walker is more defensive midfield/center half while Naughton is both left and right

  7. I’m pissed off jenas had such a poor game. Nobody will ever buy him on that showing. I thought Kyle walker did ok at CB but Charlie looked like he was still on his holidays next to him. Bale still looks awesome and niko played some lovely passes. Taarabt showed some great skill but lacked effort (no change there). I’m not convinced Rose, naughton, Hutton and obika have what it takes to make an impact at premiership level. We’ve got a big squad and Harry can only pick 25 for next season.

  8. I thought Obika looked pretty good on this tour. He looked lively when he came on today and is obviously still a little rough around the edges but I think he could become a decent player.

    Rose, Naughton and Obika are all 21 or under so don't have to be registered for the 25-man squad. The sooner we get Jenas and Hutton off our books the better, though!

  9. I was at the game and keane looked pretty good actually. worked his socks off you can tell he's really trying now. one of the best on the field today.

  10. Taarabt was class. This is maybe the new Taarabt we all wished for ( he needs to put in more effort, he still at times look lazy) but I am convinced he is quality player.


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