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“Theo Walcott” ?

“(With) a grain of salt,” in modern English, is an idiom which means to view something with skepticism, or to not take it literally.

Andre Villas-Boas appears to be the busiest unemployed manager on the globe. Several players have been reported to be on the club-less managers radar and today saw Theo Walcott added to the growing wish list. Of course this is complete nonsense and we should wipe it from our minds with immediate effect…but let’s look at the “facts” before we do.

Would Walcott get into the Spurs side? I think as a striker, maybe. Or if you want to just look at the stats, on the wing too. Last season Walcott netted eleven times, that’s six more than Lennon’s highest ever tally in a spurs shirt. And if your mind (like mine) is telling you Lennon is more of a provider of goals then I’m afraid we’re just kidding ourselves. Would Walcott want to come to The Lane…probably not. Would anyone in their right mind want to make the 3.81 mile trip across north london, one way or the other? Although the lure of teaming up with former academy pal Gareth Bale may be the one slither of attraction. Would Arsenal want to sell and would Spurs be able to buy? The answers I think are no and no, although if Walcott wanted away, now is the time with his contract expiring next summer. If previous transfers of British players are any guide here, the amount of money expected to make the move happen would be daft.

So are we going to sign Theo Walcott, I think probably definitely maybe not.

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  1. A complete no no ,non starter, absolute nonsense ..or any other way you wish to put it. If it happens I will gladly eat my hat.

  2. Pure balls but i do fancy us to get sturridge and moutinho!!!! Also by the sounds of it Adebayor will be playing at the lane next season provided he gets a large signing on fee to offset the wages he could get at other clubs!!!!

  3. Lennon spent a large part of the season on the bench. He also plays a slightly different role to walcott, with aaron playing in a midfield four, whereas theo plays as a more advanced winger in a front three. For me Lennon offers a greater footballing brain in terms of his movement, and a far greater threat in 'one on one' situations. Technically, Lennon is also a far superior player. Whilst I agree he can contribute more in terms of goals and assists, I feel a large part of his assist tally was hampered by the inconsistent finishing abilities of our strikers (namely adebayor and before him crouch). I am ABSOLUTELY convinced that there is more to come from lenny, while i feel walcott has reached his peak as a winger (and needs to be moved upfont in order for him to develop further).
    In short, I wouldn't swap lennon for anybody in the world, but I do think some competition on that right-side is needed if lennon is to become the world class winger I know he can be. Cue junior hoilett.

  4. Firstly lennon was injured for large parts of the season. And secondly in order for it to be an assist it must be scored by the striker or player your passing to. Arsenal and theo had an in form rvp to pass to. We had adebayor who missed so many sitters its unreal! So taking that into accout you should go by goals scored and chances created not assists! Lennon may not score as many as walcott is a striker lennon is not but lennon is better with the ball at his feat and beats his man more times. Both have suspect final balls. However I wouldn’t want walcott as I simply don’t rate him.

  5. Walcott would be a great addition to our team. Really hope it happens. So many Arsenal fans can't stand him. They don't deserve him.

  6. I think it's a complete load of rubbish, will never happen, the Arse wont sell to us if they can possibly help it. I know a lot of people call him a headless chicken but perhaps with the likes of Bale and Modric provided he stays with us and the spped of our attacks, could see Walcott come of age however, like I said, I cant see it happening.

  7. Hard to see Ars*nal 'selling' a player directly to a rival for Champions League (MCity go for the league) unless it's on a free.
    And with their fans smut over Ox, Walcott has really seemed dull now, still has his pace and some class though. Good addition to the team if such rumors are true (And not to mention the feeling if he scores in the derby).

  8. Walcott makes terrible decisions when under pressure. Like Lennon, his only real ability is pace. Neither can offer a good cross, both relie on confidence before they are effective in attacking or goal scoring. There is no need to by someone as rubbish as Walcott, because we already got one. Lennon!

  9. Everyone is assuming we will be playing 4 4 2 next season…..but if the AVB rumours are true then chances are that we will be playing a 4 3 3 or any other european variation….and in this formation Walcott could prove useful though I doubt it will happen for all the above mentioned reasons! Who knows maybe lennon could be turned into a "wide" type foward, I have seen him finish very well at times a little consistancy and he really could come of age……..Lennon up front with a new found goal scoring ability, now that is a scary thought….scary for all the opposition that is!

  10. you only have to watch spain to realise majority of home grown footballers make incorrect decisions whether under pressure or not. Not their fault they were coached inadequately as youths. Then again they could have edcuated themselves by staying behind for extra training for example to work on their weaker foot but no point i guess when your already a millionnaire x times over.

  11. Walcott is fast, and can shoot. That is literally it. He cannot beat a player if the guy stands up. I honestly think he is a mid-table player at best. Lennon is defo better and gives far more to the team.

  12. i agree with lenny amd jay, lennon is a much better player than walcot although i wouldnt mind walcot in our squad but i wouldnt do it if it meant we lost lennon, no way never, infact im surprised lennon never whent to the euros england needed a threatening winge as england lacked big time in that depatmentr, but anyhow lennon is trickier, unpredictable and more dengerous than walcot also they are two different players anyway so u cant compare them as such but if you need a dangerous winger then lennon is the man without a doubt.

  13. i cant beleive some people slate lennon, i beleive he is one of the most exciting players in the league, when he gets the ball and in full flight its lovely to whatch and devastating for ther opposition and this idea he has an issue with crossing the ball is ridicoulous, give him a break, tell me who is a better english winger than lennon, remember the word winger. walcot no, johnson no, milner no etc etc etc forget it lennon is the best english winger end of story.

  14. I think we all know that Walcott is a better player than Lennon. Facts are Theo has improved over the past 2seasons while Lennon, perhaps due to injuries,has pretty much stayed still. Theo offers more going forward and while we can slag his so called lack of footballing brain all we want Lennon would never be able to chane a world cup match the way Theo did.
    Hands down Walcott is the better player.

  15. Are we kidding ourselves that Lennon is a better provider than Walcott? Lennon joined us at the beginning of the 05/06 season and has played 266 games. Walcott signed for Arsenal a year later and has featured in 220 games.

    With regards to each players assists during their time in the PremierLeague; Lennon has managed 63 while Walcott has only managed 40. Given that Lennon has had the advantage of playing that extra season, that obviously helps his stats so if we were to take that season's stats away in order to give both players a fair shout, the stats would look like this AL: 237 Games – 60 Assists, TW 220 Games – 40 Assists.

    What this means is that over the last 6 seasons, Aaron Lennon has managed to create a goal every 3.95 games, whereas Theo Walcott can only muster one every 5.5 games. It's a huge difference.

    Granted, Walcott's goals to games ratio is much better than Lennon's but in my opinion, Aaron Lennon is consistently more involved that Walcott is. Sure, we might see Walcott score a hat-trick now and again (which in all fairness is something we're unlikely to ever see Lennon do) but in between those magnificent displays, Walcott is completely annonymous and according to my Arsenal supporting "friends", he's arguably their most frustrating player to watch.

    I wouldnt swap Lennon for Walcott so even if this nonsense article were true, I certainly wouldnt be excited by it.


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