There is something wrong with our winning mentality- Spurs fans react to FA Cup exit

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur fans have been reacting to the disappointing FA Cup semi final defeat to Manchester United at Wembley.

The loss means that the club have now lost eight successive FA Cup semi-finals, in a very frustrating performance.

Tottenham started the game brilliantly and took a deserved lead after 11 minutes when Dele Alli got on the end of a teasing Christian Eriksen cross to slot home at the far post.

United grew into the game though and Sanchez rose to nod in a curling ball from Paul Pogba on 24 minutes to send the side in level at the break.

The winner came just after the hour mark as Herrera fired in from the edge of the box to condemn Spurs to an eigth consecutive FA Cup semi-final defeat while United go on to face either Chelsea or Southampton who play on Sunday.

Here’s a selection of reaction from some Spurs fans.

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  1. When Utd players looked for guidance from the touchline, Mourinho gives it because he knows how to, he’s a winner. When our players do the same, they are greeted with a guy that might as well shrug his shoulders. Hasn’t a clue how to win the big game or pick the right team for that game. Allegri tore him apart in 10mins of substitutions in the CL. Guardiola showed him how to motive a team last week and played us off the park. And now JM. This is a poor Utd side yet they were far too good for us in the 2nd half without having to bust a gut. MP is out of his depth when it comes to the nitty gritty. The premiership has so many poor teams, we look good. Its not all MP’s fault, he didn’t employ himself. After all,his claim to fame was guiding Southampton to 8th in a season when we finished a bad season in 6th , 13 points in front of them. To win trophies , you have to have a manager at the helm who knows how to and that’s where we lose out I’m afraid. Its a fact.

  2. I predicted that we will fall at this hurdle we have not been able to get over the line AGAIN IN ANOTHER COMPETITION. I blame Ponchettino he does not know how to instil a winning mentality and has never won anything we are great at throwing away leads we buckle no nerves of steel or the desire to win at all costs. We need a TOP CLASS STRIKER not only Kane and buying on the cheap is useless. We lack creativity and vision to take the initiative and if we do qualify for CL next season unless we invest in top quality players it will be the same result. Ponchettino should shut up about this is a project we are building that is a cop out we should be able to win against any team so stop talking about big teams we beat two of them this season .

    I think it is time to get rid of Ponchettino and get a winning manager I would settle for Wenger at least that way we will have a decent chance of winning something.

  3. You are talking utter shit. We have improved so much under Pochettino it’s unbelievable, concidering the lack of funds he has been given. Finishing 3rd then 2nd in the EPL was brilliant, it’s the players who you should be slating not him. You are off your trolly comparing him to the two Manchester managers, who have been given so much more money to spend on top quality players, in the past 2-3 seasons, totally unfair comparison ! Why do you think so many of the very top teams in Europe, would like Pochettino to manage them ? Have a strong drink or see a psychiatrist mate !

  4. I’m as disappointed as the next Sours fan, I can’t for the life of me understand why Spurs didn’t change their tactics, at least from the second half. Spurs looked jaded and off the pace, no one had a good game, so all to blame ! Utd were average at best , but Spurs didn’t look interested after they scored that brilliant opening goal, I really don’t understand what happened ?

    Seriously worried we might implode again, in the last 4 games, very nervy times again.

  5. The writings on the wall lads and it ain’t so good. With the likehood Toby, rose, dembele leaving I worry about the recruitment as Danny rose famously said not players you have to google are going to cut it either proven quality is what we need.2 fullbacks minimum of 2 midfielders, centre half and striker apart from that we’re flying???

  6. Poch has done so much right for this club I think it’s harsh to start calling for his head at this stage, i think the blame lies squarely with Levy and ENIC . I have been given stick for my criticism of them in the past by fans who correctly point out what fantastic shape we’re in financially but who does that benefit? ENIC . They’re making fortunes while the club has won nothing meaningful in their 18yr tenure! I support a football club not a business model! According to Soccerex we are the 5th richest club IN THE WORLD, and while I don’t expect money to be thrown about Man City style, we have to loosen the purse strings in order to get some world class talent and more importantly to keep the talent we’ve got. Rose and Toby have been frozen out, both should have been playing especially at the business end of the season, and we sold Walker to our competitors and look how we miss him. Before we rip coach apart ENIC need to support him or we’re going nowhere but backwards.

    • Levy and ENIC don’t pick the team. We have a big squad of players and certainly players capable of beating a poor Utd side. The team selection and tactics is purely down to the manager and for that reason , once again, he’s got it wrong !!! Its because he has no idea how to win these ‘one of knockout ‘ games. 2-0 v West Ham and lost. 3-2 , with 2 away goals v Juve and lost. 1-0 v Man Utd and lost. Do not tell me that’s Levy and ENICS fault !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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