“They wouldn’t have a clue where Tottenham finished five years ago”


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Harry Redknapp has rejected the suggestion that his team are following in the line of previous Spurs sides who have failed to deliver when it really matters.

Redknapp said: “It’s a new team. I don’t go with all that rubbish. How can that have any bearing with what’s happened in the past?

“These players don’t know what happened four years ago; they probably don’t even know they won the double in 1961! They wouldn’t have heard of Dave Mackay. They wouldn’t have a clue where Tottenham finished five years ago.”


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  1. Well don’t bother doing any training on Monday and sit them all down and show them some Dave Mackay!
    Spend the day watching loads of footage between 1960 & 1984, and get these players in tune with the club they represent.
    Might be inspiring for them.

  2. Wouldn’t be suprised if half of them didn’t know who Gazza was or Lineker(as an England player). I still think we have most stupid squad of footballers in a long-time on and off the pitch.
    Still think that someone ought to tell them what the history of the club means.
    Harry you are the manager not one of us in the pub

  3. If Redknapp did say that(I suspect it is being taken hugely out of context but lets humour the story)and he thinks thats a positive then he is barking mad.
    Any player that comes the club should be made aware of the clubs history.
    Maybe it would make them play with a bit more pride when they realise who exactly has gone before them and graced the famous lillywhite shirt.
    Mackay, Blanchflower, Greaves, Peters, Hoddle, Ardiles, Klinsmann, Lineker, Gascoigne, Chivers, Jennings, Mullery etc etc.
    Players should be awre of such names and try and follow the standard they set.
    You can bet Man united players are all aware of Charlton, Law, Best etc etc so why don’t we follow suit?
    SImple, because United have a winning mentality and they actually feel hurt and wounded if they lose a single game. We on the other hand seem to have it out of our system by 6pm on a Saturday.

  4. i think u guys are taking this out of context. many are referring to spurs heros. harry is talking about team accomplishments. the point being that this team is different to the one, for example, that finished 5th twice.

  5. its about time harry shut his mouth and got back to the football side of it (ie:playing) we need champ league football @ the lane.. we have had to put up with so much s#*t over the years from having countless managers to watching the goons having success…we have a good squad and harry plays favourites..(please play pav ,harry ) either the board tells harry to stop talking and start getting back to winning ways or get out.. plain and simple….
    spurs for life

  6. mr big stuff has got the right idea! the first half of the season was awesome, i was happy with signing bassong and the idea of huntelaar coming was amazing but then arry signed crouch? why, the long ball to him doesnt work, he’s poor in the air! if he doesnt like pav then he shouldve let him go in january and kept keane, but levy was holding out for an extra couple of mil for pav like he did with bent and we all know how that went, if levy wants to save a couple of mil cancel woodgate contract(3 apps all season),kranjcar was a good signing but he aswell as modric drifts into the middle leavin us with no option on the left unless bale plays who i must say has been excellent, good on u lad aswell as bentley, we rely on lennon too much! long and short of it is if things arent working then use the players on the bench dont just make the same subs and if you dont like the players then get rid,however we dont want portsmouth rejects! use pav he has somethin to offer and you’ll prob find he plays well cos he wants to impress before the world cup! in the summer we need to find a left winger and let modric roam with palacios in the middle,let dos santos be a back up winger and keep bentley as back up to lennon. we need an experienced defender who isnt injury prone, a left winger and a fast striker that isnt 2 foot tall! defoe i love you but you fall down 2 much!

  7. I think Harry’s words were taken out of context. Anyway-he’s defending the team in public, which is absolutely right to do. What’s he going to say-‘yes, it’s the usual spurs thing of failing to deliver’? He’s obviously angry-so I’m sure will use that to try and prove people wrong.
    It’s a massive improvement from last season that we have been up there challenging for top 4.
    Don’t get me wrong-I’m not content with just seeing spurs as top 6, I want us to be in champions league, but personally, I think this season the team isn’t quite strong enough. We need a regular goalscoring midfielder, a strong centre back partnership, and a goal scorer to play with defoe – pav hopefully!
    But we can win the FA cup this season! COYS

  8. can sumone please tell me why the hell pav is left out the starting 11 dont get me wronge i like crouch but pav is miles better player all round he would deff get u 20 goals a season

  9. Suuuuper, super pav, suuuuper, super pav, Suuuuper, super pav, suuuuper, super pav,
    SUPER PAVLYUCHENKO… arry i dare u to leave him out!!!!


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