Three new rule changes set to be introduced into the Premier League next season

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The 2021/22 season seems so far away at the moment with the world continuing to battle through the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

Given the uncertainty surrounding if and when the current season will resume, it is anybody’s guess how next season will be affected.

The Daily Mail has revealed that there would be some major rule changes coming into the Premier League from next season whenever the campaign does eventually begin.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB), who regularly convene to discuss controversial rulings in the game, have proposed three rule changes that the Premier League is set to adopt.

The first change is likely to see referees spending far more time looking at their screens by the side of the pitch after it was recommended that the officials will review pitch-side monitors for subjective VAR decisions.

The second is a change in the handball rule whereby penalties will only be given for accidental handballs inside the box if the move ‘immediately’ results in a goal. The modification also states that the arm stops at the armpits to determine handball offences.

Finally, it has also been decided that penalty kicks will only be retaken in the event of goalkeepers moving off their line if the initial spot-kick is saved. If the taker misses the target, the penalty will not be retaken even if the keeper encroaches.

Encroachments from players into the box, however, would still result in a retake.

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All of these changes make sense and are steps in the right direction. I suspect that we will be making more modifications to our use of VAR in the coming years. I believe VAR has got a lot of undeserved criticism this campaign. It was always going to be a work in progress rather than an immediate and simple fix.

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  1. VAR is not the problem just the way it is used and sometimes interpreted! I don’t agree that taking ref’s pitch side constantly to review video screens will improve things markedly, and may actually slow things down further! As usual the problem is human error through poor decision making which seems to lack the requisite impartiality necessary to ensure that right call’s are being made. On top of this everything is so severely scrutinised by a provocational and dissecting media it is hard to envisage a time where un-objective fans will remain happy to accept which ever way the decisions are called. I think to firstly improve things however and to stifle un-needed controversy, there has to be a mandate to wipe out players both dissenting to referees, and simply trying to influence their decision making by surrounding them on mass when a call needs to be made.


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