The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust (THST) have criticised the club for their ticket pricing for the Champions League home game against Marseille and have written to the club seeking an explanation.

Some Spurs fans on social media were critical of Tottenham’s decision to set prices as high as they did for the club’s Champions League season-opener against Marseille.

THST have now revealed that they contacted the club to inform them the pricing at Category B was too high, in comparison with the other clubs in the competition.

They sighted that as the main reason why Tottenham’s clash against Marseille was not sold out, despite Champions League football returning to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the first time in two and a half years.

The Trust also relayed concerns from supporters over the non-availability of Ticket Share for the fixture and questioned the club’s reasoning of potential security concerns.

THST suggested that it was inconsistent not to allow Ticket Share while at the same time opening up guest sales, where tickets can be printed and passed on.

The Trust’s full statement reads: “Before the publication of the ticket pricing for the Marseille match, we made clear to the Club our view that the pricing at Category B was too high, and completely out of line with that of other clubs.

“We believe that this was borne out by the ticket sales and the fact that Season Ticket holders were later invited to buy up to four guest tickets.

“Whilst an attendance of 57,367 is respectable, we would hope and expect all Champions League home matches to be fully sold out. We have again asked the Club to reconsider their pricing for the remaining matches but as yet they have not altered their strategy.

“Many supporters contacted us about the non-availability of Ticket Share for the Marseille fixture. One of the Club’s stated reasons for not opening it was linked to security concerns and the need to ensure that tickets in the home area remained in the hands of registered Spurs fans.

“It is therefore inconsistent to open up guest sales where tickets can be forwarded, printed and passed on. It makes far more sense to have Ticket Share, and we have repeated this point to the Club.

“We are pressing for a positive response which will also recognise that even the most dedicated and loyal supporters have last-minute challenges which mean they cannot attend matches but may well have friends or family who would want to take their place.”

Spurs Web Opinion

This is a very good statement by THST and the club certainly need to answer fans’ concerns regarding pricing. However, I am not particularly optimistic that this will affect the pricing of CL home games moving forward, particularly given that the stadium was almost full against Marseille.

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