Tottenham add amazing addition to their new stadium

In a month of negative reports or delays and replacement grounds, Tottenham have finally announced some positive stadium news.

The clubs iconic golden cockerel has been built and will soon take pride of place on top of the south stand.

This stand in the new 62,000 seat ground is still under construction, but the new cockerel is ready to go.

Tottenham decided to scale up the statue in comparison to the original, which now sits in the lobby of Spurs’ Lilywhite House offices in Tottenham.

The new statue will stand at 4.5 metres tall, almost double the height of the original.

Spurs worked with London Mould Makers to create an exact replica of the original, dents and all.

Club Historian, John Fennelly, said: “The Cockerel was falling apart. It was dented and in pretty poor condition.

“The story was the dents had been caused in the Blitz. But the truth was the damage was done by Gazza — with an air rifle.

“He tried to deny it but he’d been spotted.”

This is just the latest in a chain of throwbacks to Tottenham’s legacy, and the old ground.

The new concrete floors contain crushed aggregate taken from the foundations of the old White Hart Lane, and bricks from the former East Stand have been re-purposed within a new bar called The Shelf.

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