Tottenham Hotspur have been desperately trying to secure tickets to the Champions League final for the past couple of weeks, ever since Lucas Moura’s third goal hit the back of the net.

Unfortunately, Spurs and Liverpool were given under 17,000 tickets each for the final in Madrid on June 1 (BBC).

Unsurprisingly, these golden tickets sold out almost instantly, leaving many fans scratching their heads as to how and where to watch the highly-anticipated final (Tottenham website).

This is the first time Spurs have ever reached the Champions League final, and many fans want to experience the greatest possible atmosphere.

Tottenham responded to this by opening up the brand new 62,000 plus seat stadium for a special screening of the event on the ground’s big screens.

According to the graphic on the ticketing website, this has too sold out after going on sale to first season ticket holders, followed by One Hotspur Plus members.

If we take the 16,613 tickets allocated to Spurs for the final itself in Madrid, along with the 62,062 seats at the new stadium, that makes up a whopping 78,675.

This all came before normal One Hotspur members were even given the opportunity to purchase tickets, as their window would have opened this morning.

Crazy numbers from Spurs, and you get the impression they could have sold thousands and thousands of more tickets if given the chance.

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