Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp charged


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Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has been charged with two counts of cheating the public revenue.

His solicitor said that Redknapp voluntarily attended Bishopsgate police station in the capital to be charged by police.

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said: “Henry (Harry) Redknapp, the former football manager of Portsmouth City (sic) Football Club, has today been charged with two counts of cheating the public revenue.”

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  1. Good. He’s ruined every club he’s been at and he’s a cheat. Unsettling players (and me with his vacant stare) and taking brown cash stuffed envelopes.

    Make an example of him

  2. Gooner are you Chris! How has it affected your pathetic little life. or are you pompey. Sour that he left you for a bigger club and signed all your best players! now look at the state of them. Class manager! water off a ducks back to Harry!

  3. Sorry boys but I agree with Chris. Harry isn’t your messiah. Clearly he’s been a very naughty boy. While he’s in Wandsworth bunking up with a strapping mass murderer called Norbert, you will soon be back where your small club belongs, flattering to deceive in the lower reaches of the prem. Altogether now… awwwwh!

  4. “A CPS spokesman told the BBC that, as a common law offence, there is technically no maximum sentence for the charge – meaning that an unlimited fine or prison sentence could be decided at a judge’s discretion.”

    Oh deary, deary me. Let’s hope he’s made an example of for the despicable betrayal of trust he has demonstrated. All right-thinking, tax-paying Spurs fans should be swift and unconditional in their condemnation of this charlatan.

  5. Harry is a useless clown, and his underhanded dealing are finally catching up with him.

    Seriously – he moves the same players from club to club, we might as well call Tottenham Pompy.

    He has left West Ham, Southampton and Pompy on the verge of financial destruction, and people still give him the time of day.

  6. There are very strong rumours circulating from the club that Harry will walk away from Spurs in the summer, not soley because of these tax allegations but he is fed up with being hounded over his personal affairs, plus being over ruled by Levy in transfers etc and having no money to spend this window. There is also high chance Modric will jump ship to Man Utd for another Berbatov style fee. Afraid we have become a selling club and the opportunity to double what we paid for him and get some profit in is too good to turn down, one of the reasons why Kranjcar was bought. The club cannot offload Pav or Bentley, players Redknapp did not buy and are desperate to recoup what the paid out for them.

  7. Dont be daft steve he wont go from spurs unless the police take him to prison and he wont worry if the window shuts and he has the same team .Harry has bean at clubs where he has needed to balance the books and wheel and deal at Spurs he can buy or stick and Levey cant let him get involve because of this court case ,Harry will still have the final say in who we buy.Why upset the team even more bringing in new faces to bed in is stupid and could ruin the teams moral even more.Pav Bentley Dosantos would be like new signings if they stayed

  8. Harry is still the Man. We can still have a top 4 finish this year, which is a very long way from wher we were 12 months ago, REMEMBER. I hope Harry can stay with us for a least 4 more years, as by then we will be winning or a least challenging for The Premier and Campions League. In Harry we Trust

  9. there are a lot of Gooners taking interest on this site who are clearly getting bored of wanking thier life away! Harrys record speaks for itself. nuff said!


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