Tottenham Hotspur vs Leeds United – The Teams


Sebastien Bassong - Header

Danny Rose, Alan Hutton and Sebastien Bassong all start in Tottenham Hotspur’s FA Cup tie against Leeds United.

Tottenham: Gomes, Hutton, Dawson, Bassong, Bale, Rose, Kranjcar, Modric, Jenas, Defoe, Crouch.

Subs: Alnwick, Pavlyuchenko, Keane, Palacios, Naughton, O’Hara, Dervite.

Leeds United: Ankergren, Crowe, Bromby, Kisnorbo, Hughes, Howson, Doyle, Kilkenny, Johnson, Snodgrass, Beckford.

Subs: D Martin, Prutton, Bercchio, Grella, Michalik, Robinson, White.

Referee: A Wiley

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  1. 2-2? We normally start of the season bad but pick things up after the new year. This time seems to be the opposite. Players look tired, lack of confidence, lack of imagination. Only good thing out of the game is Pav coming on and scoring. He played well. Keane was his usual aimless self. Bale had a big hand in the outcome of the game. He did well but lacking much in maturity. Thats y BAE is preferred. He cud had pulled back for Keane and Pav to finish of the game but didn’t But worse was in the 94th min he took the ball up the pitch, Pav was already waiting to take it to the corner flag but Bale decided to hv a hopeless shot. And as a result of that, Leeds got the ball up and the penalty.
    Again so many shots on target but not enough going in! Why??? Something is going on with the team, within the team, maybe in the dressing room. But its definetly not the same team that were playing last year.
    I hope now Pav gets more chances to play. He was the best among the 4 strikers.

  2. This game has broke me for this year and I am a lone voice and it may hurt you but it hurts me more and late chances go with energy and the fat ref waiting for a goal FOOTBALL can fcuk of and good luck lads because Birmingham reading and Leeds should tell you things are not normal .Hang your head in shame UK SPORT FA and TV Sky money has turned Football corrupt and The fact thta MP where trying to get Uk SPORT sacked shows what type of agency they are how can a body that should stop drugs also promote the same sport like the police policing themselves.Why would a official a girl tell me that its rife Ephedrine and the I asked why the don’t catch them she said because they take just enough to keep them under the radar a staggering admission and the team that where being reported was the team that beat us with loads missing you can have Football is gone like Rugby league .My heart wont take any more and this is made worse by teams not just a couple but teams not tiring when up against class this is why late late goals are being scored.GOOD LUCK LADS bean a pleasure to blog and i am sorry for boring you with the same subject but we are being targeted with cheats trust me Beckford goalkeeper said he wont come to talk because he is shy and not because he is knackered and staring wildly what was the different’s between Leeds Liverpool Reading nothing all played with the same tempo and the sudden form of Leeds is because you cant use to much energy or illness and death could follow and These late goals are happening more and more and Leeds kept coming lIKE A SUNARMY.

  3. not the same team without pace and attacking threat of lennon. Please sign a decent pacy left footed winger so that when we lose lennon we are not one dimensional that we are at the moment


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