Tottenham star eases fan’s worries as he claims he wants to stay at the club

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur may be enduring a slightly dodgy spell in the Premier League of late, but their fans are basking in one of the greatest eras in the club’s history.

Not only have Spurs got one of their most talented teams ever, and one of the best managers ever, they also now have perhaps the best stadium in the country.

Tottenham have also been able to hang onto their best players in recent years, a far cry from the times of the Modric and Bale sales.

The only first teamers to leave in recent years have been Kyle Walker to Man City, and Mousa Dembele to China, but both were also partly down to Pochettino’s own choice.

While it may be tricky to keep the likes of Christian Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld past this summer, fans can wipe their brows after hearing Harry Kane’s latest comment.

As always, the striker says that as long as Spurs show ambition and are moving forward, he has no plans to leave.

Kane said (ESPN): “I’ve always said as long as the club is moving in the right direction and showing the right ambition, I want to be part of the journey.

“It’s something you assess along the way. A lot of people look at it and say this is maybe the best team we’ve had, maybe the best team we’ll ever have, and the best manager, but it’s important that we have something to show for it.

“It’s not just, when we look back in 10 years, we had a great team. It’s, ‘Look what they did. Look what they won.’ The challenge for us is, can we keep going up and up and up? It’s going to be difficult in the next couple of years with the stadium and the finances.

“We [him and Pochettino] both want the same things. We both want to push and push and push, and work and work.

“We’ll just have to see what happens this season, and go from there.”

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  1. Please tell me if I’m missing something, but how on earth do Kane’s quotes in any way equate to him saying he’ll stay at Spurs? Surely, they more than hint at the very opposite. ‘As long as the club is showing the right ambition’ and ‘we’ll see what happens this season and go from there’. Are you seriously suggesting this is him saying ‘I’m going nowhere’?

    Yes, I get being positive can be good. But being blindly positive, so blind as not to question anything, can be dangerous too. I truly hope I’m wrong, but Kane’s got no chance of winning anything with us in the foreseeable. Again I’d loved to be proved wrong, but Enic and Levy have little/no real interest in winning stuff, or truly competing. Kane talks of the fine side we have (it’s already fading and will likely fall apart this summer). How sad it it, how criminal even, that this side, the one that got 86 points two seasons ago, wasn’t built upon, strengthened, improved, maintained. People refer to two blank transfer windows, but you can realistically make that three seeing as it was the mediocre Moura who we bought last winter. It does my bleeding head in.

      • No, not in pure footballing terms it isn’t moving forward. As great as the stadium appears, the debt is huge. Look at Arsenal after the Emirates. That club’s entire business model (a term I hate) became doing and investing just enough to finish in top 4, so bringing in the Euro cash to pay off the debt and invest just enough for the team to finish top 4 again and… on and on. Turns out they were good enough to win a few cups too, something we’ve made pretty clear we’re not all that interested in.

        Now, finishing in top 4 is a lot better than most of our recent history, but unless you build on it (squad I mean, not some huge NFL-type shopping mall with a football pitch rolled out on top of it) then what’s the point? Enic/Levy’s ‘model’ is similar. As long as 62,000 come every other week and TV cash etc continues, what makes you think they’ll bother trying to truly improve the squad? They’ll do ‘just enough’, hoping Poch continues to flog every inch out of them until he gives up and looks elsewhere. And they’ll do ‘just enough’ to make us fans feel/think/dream that true success (or at least having a real go at truly succeeding) is close, and getting closer, any time now…


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