Tottenham star reveals he can never train at 100%


Tottenham Hotspur are well used to star players not being able to train, after club captain and legend Ledley King and his chronic knee injuries.

King would famously play a game at the weekend, but then wouldn’t train at all through the week as the swelling healed. He would then play again the next week.

Harry Redknapp called him a ‘freak’ for being able to achieve such a feat at the highest level.

Tottenham may have a new case of the training woes on their hands, as Erik Lamela has revealed he can only train at around 80%.

The midfield star has to be managed carefully by staff since his 13 month chronic hip issues that have hampered his Spurs career.

Lamela’s game is based on a full-throttle non-stop style of chasing down the ball, and to achieve this most weeks he must take it easy in training days between games.

He is also unsure of whether he will be able to play every game in the upcoming hectic schedule due to these issues.

The Evening Standard report he said: “I don’t know [if I can play every game]. This is a question for the manager and the staff.

“They know how to manage me after a lot of time together. Sometimes I cannot go 80 per cent, even in training. I feel crazy sometimes but it’s like this.

“I play football like this [at full-throttle] and now I’m taking more care [in training]. I try to manage myself and this is what I’m doing now, especially when we have a long week.

“I try to train hard but to arrive to the game in a good condition and take care of myself. Normally we train really hard but I want to play the games — it’s more important than training.

“This is what we’re doing now and the manager and the staff, they take care of me and all the team.

“My feeling now is good, my hips are feeling better. When you’re injured it’s hard, when you come back, too, because [you’re trying to] feel well like before. But now I’m happy with my feeling on the pitch and my place in the team. I feel very good with my team-mates.”

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