Tottenham Supporters’ Trust responds to ‘extremely disappointing’ club decision

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The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust has said it is disappointed by the club’s decision not to extend the season ticket renewal deadline. 

Spurs recently announced the prices of season tickets would be frozen heading into next season, with a deadline set for April 29 – just under a month before the conclusion of the current season. 

But the date received some backlash given the uncertainty surrounding the future of head coach Antonio Conte, who has seemingly hinted at the possibility of leaving the club on multiple occasions (The Athletic), on top of the challenging economic climate. 

The official supporters’ trust, with help from fellow Spurs organisations Proud Lilywhites and SpursAbility, came together to request the club push the date back to allow fans more time to consider their options. 

However, it revealed earlier on Friday that Spurs rejected the appeal and intend on keeping the late April date. 

A statement from the trust read: “Following an exchange of views over the last week, which we reproduce below in the interests of transparency, the Club has confirmed it will not be changing its decision. 

“We find this extremely disappointing, to say the least. The Club has ignored the views of its three fan organisations, and failed to really address the points we make.

“Claiming, at the end of their final reply, that any change made now would be “unfair” ignores the fact that we were unable to suggest alternatives earlier because the Club made its decision without consulting us.

“We will continue to work for improvements in decision-making that ensure proper consultation and discussion on key decisions such as this happens in future.

“We encourage any fan who is facing financial difficulty renewing by the 29 April deadline to contact [email protected] to request that their case be heard on a one-to-one basis.

“Fans will now make their own decisions about how they spend their money. With the biggest fall in living standards since records began being forecast, this decision does not present the Club in a good light.”

Spurs Web Opinion 

This will serve as very disappointing news for many season ticket holders, despite the announcement of a price freeze, as it shows they are not entirely flexible. 

Hopefully, Spurs will look at each individual case if there are problems, however, as the economic climate is so challenging at the moment. 

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