Tottenham’s latest marketing campaign mocks Arsenal and Chelsea

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham Hotspur’s marketing department have struck gold with their latest advertising campaign.

Digital advertising posters were spotted at Blackfriars tube station this morning with the strapline ‘The only place to watch UEFA Champions League in London” to promote the new Spurs stadium and also make the most of the opportunity point out the fact that Arsenal and Chelsea will have to make do with Europa League football next season.

Whilst Spurs finished third in the Premier League, Chelsea and Arsenal finished fifth and sixth respectively in the table and will have to endure Thursday night trips to the likes of Kazakhstan, while we will be enjoying our third successive season of Champions League football under Mauricio Pochettino testing ourselves against the elite clubs in European football.

Well played, Tottenham. Very well played.

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  1. Spurs will always be in the shadows behind Chelsea & Arsenal. It’s all good & well enjoying their moment in the sunshine but they have won NOTHING for many years. I hope the club haven’t spent too much money on a trophy cabinet as it will not be used. We’ll see what happens when they move into their new stadium & Levy refuses to give Pochettino the funds he wants to bring in new players. A team of bottlers who can never quite get over the line.

  2. Wrighty the jokes on you…I detect a severe dose of Sour Grapes….I know it sucks but its Europa League for Arsenal and Chelsea with Borat and his friendly fan base ready to greet you when you journey to Kazakstan…whilst Spurs play the best of the best which European Champions League has to offer…Enjoy the ride….you so Wrighty!

    • I must admit that unfortunately it’s a TRUE STATEMENT!! We haven’t won anything for a while now. Whilst this old rehashed retoric is on going from little minded goodies, what’s also a TRUE statement is that the only place to watch champs league football next year in London, is the new spurs ground, so best you either watch it or enjoy your Thurs night’s in BLING BROVIA or wherever you’re playing and just suck it up and suffer in silence..——— COYS


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