Townsend: I’ve learned from my mistakes


Andros Townsend is “heartbroken” to be missing out for England’s Under-21 and will learn from his “stupid actions”.

The Tottenham winger was banned by the FA because of strict rules that forbid gambling on a wide spectrum of games he was banned for four months, three of which were suspended.

Townsend was unaware he was prohibited from betting on games in any competition that Spurs, or the clubs at which he had played on loan – Leeds and Birmingham – were involved in that season until he was informed by a bookmaker that he was being reported to the FA.

“When I spoke to the FA I was fully regretful and was ready to accept the deserved punishment,” he told The Sun. “Speaking honestly, there was never anything sinister going on.

“There was no match-fixing, no betting on my team to lose, no inside information and I certainly never bet on Arsenal to finish higher than Spurs, as suggested by people on Twitter.”

He added: “There is a stain on my reputation, and deservedly so, which means I now must show everyone it was a mistake and I’ve learned from it.”

Townsend withdrew voluntarily from the England Under-21 squad for the European Championship in Israel.

“I was heartbroken,” he said. “It was one of my top aims for the season – to be on the plane to Israel.

“Some people may think I’ve got off lightly but I’ve missed one of the world’s biggest tournaments. I was fully excited to be part of it.

“It was my last chance to play for the Under-21s too and I’ll never be able to get that back. It’ll always serve as a permanent reminder of my stupid actions.”

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  1. This is typical FA no trancsparancy just a sentence without revealing what he stupidly done speculation will run wild. This happened with two youth players caught using a cocaine based arthritic prescription drug both names where kept a secret and both given small bans.The problem with the FA they keep putting men in charge who have affiliation to Premiership clubs like the incoming Dyke and the outgoing Berstien both City and Utd

  2. Davspurs the FA is a Joke that is for sure, disappointed to see this come up at all (though it is the correct thing to do), had high hopes for Andros I just hope this doesn't get held against him.

    Shouldn't do though, as he is clearly sorry and it sounds like it was ignorance of the rules rather than anything malicious.


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