Trio of clubs in for Pavlyuchenko


Roman Pavlyuchenko

Tottenham striker Roman Pavlychenko is said to be attracting a lot of interest.

The Russian forward has already stated that he would like to stay at Spurs next season but is wanted by Hoffenheim, Everton and Malaga.

It seems likely that Robbie Keane would be the first striker to depart the Lane this summer, but there is also rumours that Jermain Defoe is wanted by Newcastle United.

Would you sell Pav or keep him?

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  1. My order for selling. 1st choice Keane 2nd choice Crouch 3rd choice Pav 4th choice Defoe. Hopefully Levy will get the cheque book out, perhaps lowering the prices for a couple of those we need to get out the door. We need 2 new strikers minimum.

  2. If I could keep just one of our current forwards it would be Pavlyuchenko without a doubt. In my mind, he’s the most underrated striker in the EPL and when he has made his occasional starts, he has been consistent in scoring. Also, he has played very well coming of the bench. Doesn’t anybody remember the goals he has scored? The first time shot v Young Boys, the unstoppable goal against Wolves or the two incredible thunderbolts v Birmingham on the final day of the season? Rarely have I seen somebody so, so talented. It would be a catastrophe if we were to lose him.

    • Pav is next to usless!…he offers nothing…he does just enough to keep his head above water with a goal every 3 games or so….does little for the team and had "0" pace…..if you think he is good enough then your very wrong…i watch this guy every week and although Crouch gets his fair shares of critics he does offer that impact and plan B if needed….although when plan B is from the start its easy to play against!…..Bottom line is all our strikers are rubbish….Say what you want about Defoe…."clinical", "Explosive", "On Fire", "best finisher about"….Sorry but that is simply not true….He is a One trick Pony who plays for himself and needs acres of space to do anything….he had no pace (if he does he never uses it) and the 2 against wolves were his best in a spurs shirt! Maybe a lobbed effort in the Uefa Cup a few years ago!
      Sell them all….a sensible adition after gertting rid of Pav is Bothroyd…He is free….Kenwyne Jones is a massive ariel threat and would bring something ( i recall seeing him against us and shit myself everytime he went up!)….Forlan / Rossi as the Marque signings….and Bring Berba back!…..

  3. Its ironic that the worst of our strikers Crouch is the one not mentioned in this report.

    Pav is the last of our strikers I wish to see leave and is with Defoe the best we have. I think we’re shooting ourselves in the foot again. So depressing.

    • I totally agree. It seems that Harry and Crouch are involved in one big love-in. When harry plays Crouch it encourages the others to rely on hitting long balls which he is too inept to control and too slow to catch. We shouldn't be considering selling Defoe or Pav. That would be nuts.

  4. If you would have asked me after the last game of the season I would have said sell all 4 and bring in four more, but after watching spurs lack of activity and willingness to spend money I must say I would not let Pav go as he is our best striker and I cant see spurs replacing him.

    Keane and Defoe need to go asap first and if 2 replacements are brought in then we can go about getting rid of Crouch n Pav

    Its time we spent big, Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool have all spent 30 million plus in recent years which is why they sit at the top.

    Spurs and Arsenals record is 16mil for Modric and 18mil for Arshavin which is why we are on the decline and players wanna leave.

    Even Villa have spent 24 million on a player.

    I would love spurs to bid 25 million for Falcao and Arsenal 25 mill for Benzema and show they mean business

    • How Exactly Spurs is on a decline?? Spurs finished in top 4 first time in EPL history,made some impact in CL, finished the league 5th 3 times in the last 6-7 seasons..if you mean, Spurs can’t match the fans expectations, I would still disagree to an extent because I personally used to be pretty envious of any club achieved an automatic UEFA cup spot VIA league only until 2006..remember a team with Edinburgh,kerslake, nethercott,dozzell,tramezzani and alike?? Now that’s what you call decline, not of Spurs of today.

  5. You will have to pay £30 million for Llorente and is he any better than Pavlyuchenko?? How many goals Llorente scored in Spain ,playing almost every game for A.Bilbao?? If you put Pav. Into Porto team in a piss poor Portuguese league ,do you think he would score less goals than Hulk or Falcao?? Don’t overrate others while shitting on your own..THFC is an EPL club,playing in the most difficult league in the world and despite scoring goals,he couldn’t get enough games due to a wanker managing Spurs..Pav. must stay and keane can go, replacing Keane with Rossi is more than enough.

  6. If we can get good money for him, sell him. Pav splits fans' opnions down the middle all the time, those who don't rate Crouch don't realise that he is the only one to come off the bench and add a different dimension if things aren't going our way. The rest can go, Pav is lazy beyond reason.

  7. I agree with Tony, but the only reservation I have is that Raffa VDV seems to have a bit of a telepathic understanding of what Crouch is going to do. Funny that, cos I’m sure that most of the time even Crouch himself doesn’t know what he’s going to do. But get keep Pav and JD rather than the other two.

  8. Pav, despite being our best striker he has never been given a decent chance by shitferbrains. Crouch should go; well, to be honest, should never have arrived in the first place. Keane: some one please buy him, and Defoe should get his head out of his arse: you’re not that good!!!

  9. Can’t someone come in for crouch?! He is the main reason we didn’t get back into the champions league! It all starts with poxy big mouth redknapp though: Redknapp picks crouch as only striker in 4-4-1-1 formation -> Crouch scores very little and cannot finish the billions of chances created by our midfiled -> Crouch keeps better strikers on the bench with harrys persistance of playing him -> Crouch costs us game at city with top 4 in site again = we fail to score enough goals as playing crouch as lone striker costs us and means we end up drawing far too many! Between crouch and redknapp they were the reason and the problem as to why spurs didn’t qualify for a second season in the CL. Its all also linked as to why luka wants out.

  10. I get sick of telling you not to judge our strikers i=on a season of horrendous injurys drugged defences and whole teams Gomes gaffs Modric tapped Bales Bad back Defoe missing ankle Hudds Dawson King how the fuck can you judge a team who only lost it in a week where Chelsea and the only team who had a drug cheat pinched our place With goals offside.. Defoe Pav Crouch will score if they stay or if they leave because i wont let Kolo or Paddy Kennys of this world cheat my team again trust me i new two things Modric engineered a move by making sure we finished 5th and Bale was also doing the same tilll he got walloped Modric looked great till he got near the goal his states show me he fucked us to move and his attitude now shows the real man and you head it here he will win fuck all at Chelsea. because Torres burt himself out at Liverpool the team who got reported for Ephedrine abuse the year they finished 2nd nothing was done because Barwick was a Liverpool fan just like Bernstein is a city fan Kolo the gloves are of and Chelsea was another team using energy this is bigger than the hacking gate and will be called ephedrine gate

    • Is this DavSpurs in disguise?! What a load of paranoid rubbish.
      On a more sane note…..
      Pav undoubtedly has talent, but is lazy, gutless and not up to the task of central striker.
      Clear out him, PSB and Crouch (unlikely I fear) and bring in a combination of strength, speed and natural goalscoring instinct – Crouch has none of these, Pav has the last, PSB only ever had the last but those days are long gone. Only Defoe to stay, but surely Sir Les and Clive Allen should have improved his game intelligence by now….

  11. The trouble is none of are ‘quality’ strikers get a decent run in the team either through injury or ‘Arry swapping but if I had my way i’d keep Pav at the very least. Keane is old and busted, Dafoe expects the ball exactly infront of him and by then he is offside. Crouchie is a one trick pony. Lets get a proper striker to play along side Pav with VdV just behind, maybe use some of the money we’re gonna get from the sale of Mods *waves bye bye*

  12. It speaks volumes for his worth that apparently there are no offers for Crouch…we'll never be able to sell him – unless Levy sets a realistic price, like 5 million.

  13. @Players shrink: You might want to take a look at your keyboard. There is a button there, right above the Alt Gr button. Try pressing it once in a while when you are writing!!

  14. Does anyone look at skill anymore, Pav’s first touch is one of the worst in the EPL. He loses the ball pretty much everytime he gets it. He has scored a few decent goals but other than that there is no other contribution. Bring Berbatov back he has more skill in his small left toe then Pav.

    • What about his goal against Chelski? His so-called poor first touch created the yard of space he needed to get free of JT and Ivanovic – was that a fluke? Agree he is inconsistent but then he has never really benefited from a consistent run of games in the side.

      I think we have far worse strikers at the club – Crouch and Keane being two. Get rid of those two and bring in one top quality replacement plus a youngster with potential and we are not too far short.

    • Are you having a laugh? Pav scored 9 league goals last run out only bettered by VdV, obviously the rest of are strikers have a shite first touch than him but i'd still prefer him to Berbatov and lets be honest its easy to score in a team when Rooney is doing all the running. Oh yeh.. he did when Keano was doing all his running.

  15. harry wont sell players he has brought Crouch and KEane if he can help it because he is a prize prick and rather see us go down the pan look at the way he is praising chavski to the high heavens when they aqre trying to buy modders on the cheap DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT OUR CLUB
    pav is the only decent striker 10goals without getting a proper chance Tosser crouch 4 and played all season [except last few ] both doubles pav pulls players all over the place ask woodgate he said he was a nitemare to mark crouch is bloody easy no pace cant head a ball

  16. Keep Pav End off!! He is a quality striker but never got a chance. Wtf did defoe do last season nothing at all, look at all these chances he had against west ham and other teams if he converted them we would of probably be still in the champions league for this season.

    Bye bye keane and defoe and keep crouch especially for the last 20mins of a game were losing then we can play the long ball and we should sign beckham it will help crouch a lot.

  17. We can't replace all4 at once. Offer Pav a new deal so he cant walk away for nothing next year – if he won't sign, sell him to first club that offers £10m. (Personally i think he would sign a new 3-year deal if offered) I would keep Crouch as at least he offers a differenet threat and can be useful if we are holding onto a lead. Keane and Defoe need to go, for their own sakes as well as Spurs. We then need one established striker and one up-and-coming one to make up our four.

  18. Keep him, he showed what he can produce, with the last game of the season against birmingham, all he needs is to be played more. Pavlyuchenko and Eto'o upfront together. Hopefully, the rumours about Defoe moving to Sunderland for 6 million and seeing Gyan come to the lane actually happens, because Gyan has a better attitude than Defoe, and can bring a lot of positivity into the team, not just in the changing rooms but on the pitch as well.

  19. Pav has to stay, he can seem lazy but he does come alive in the box, he has excellent off the ball movement and is the onlt striker we have who can score from anywhere, he can also HEAD the ball!! #

    he is immense when playing from russia. we must play to his strengths and show faith in his ability – coys

  20. Howdy, i agree with tony, guvnor and delboy. sell him now. Too slow, not a huge amount of skill, does not run the channels, cannot head the ball and is not a good link man either. We are a top 4/5 side in the Prem league and aspire to top 4 posiiton next year, we need a decent collection of forwards to do this. Crouch is the same, apart from begin able to hold the ball up a bit better than pav. We have pace all over the pitch apart from up front. I believe defoe could be the man next year if he hangs about and learns to pass the ball!!!

  21. I think Pav and Defoe are fine. Keane and Crouch need to go.

    1) Modric should be leaving. We should hold for 30M pound + Drogba

    2) Play vdv or Kranjcar in the AM role. Or have Sandro and Huddlestone in middle.

    3) we can leave the 4th striker role to a young striker that we have.

    4) Importantly to get Cahill or Samba

    5) we can get Parker and sell Jenas

  22. Pav has one of the best strike rates minutes on the pitch this season, he had the second best strike rate minutes on the pitch season 2009-2010 in Europe second to Messi

  23. He strikes the ball well, but thats it. Contributes 0% to the team and is lazy as hell. One of the most annoying players I have seen at the lane n years. I think he needs to be a big fish in a small pond


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