UEFA consider Champions League rule change


UEFA could review the controversial rule that saw Tottenham miss out on the Champions League.

Spurs were left heartbroken after missing out on a place in Europe’s top club competition next season despite finishing fourth, due to Chelsea winning the tournament.

UEFA president Michel Platini said no rule change to the competition could be brought in for at least three years but that UEFA would be prepared to review the regulation.

Speaking in Budapest before the FIFA Congress, Platini told the Press Association: “We can always change the rules. We can always discuss the rules, but not during the competition.

“We have decided not to change the rules or regulations of the competition for three years. So in three years we can change, that means we will come back if you wish.

“Everything can be discussed, the rules, yellow cards, but not during the competition. Perhaps in the next executive committee we can speak about it. I can put that, but they may say no.”

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  1. the rule is crap and unfair spurs should b in cl next year as the highly deserve it as they finished 4th. If you can change the rule like that for liverpool years ago you can do it again for a team that should b in it anyway as they finished in top 4

    • They changed the rule AFTER Liverpool not before it. When it happened to Liverpool, no rule was in place. So they had to accept Liverpool in the competition and make the rule that if this ever happens again then the 4th placed team misses out. They were stupid enough not to consider the eventuality of the winner of the CL not finishing in a CL place – but that is the beauty of the English league.

  2. Of course the rules can be changed! They make the bloody things and they can do them when they want to surely? I suspect Michel might just be smugly saying tough sh*t!

  3. I am a Spurs fan, and the rule is fair enough to me. Sure, I would rather be in the CL, but the 4th placed team should be grateful to have any chance of CL football in the first place. The Italian 4th placed team does not get a sniff of a CL chance. So the 4th place is a wildcard shot – which disappears in this scenario. Do not let sour grapes affect your rational thinking guys. I am sour about it too, but also rational. Most neutrals would say that Spurs deserve it, but that is life for you…

  4. the rule is right, in fact if you really wanted to have a great champions league again let only the league champions and the fa cup winners play in the chamèpions. Im fed up with the words heartbroken as we were shite. We deserve nothing. Ten points ahead ofr the scum and then we fuckin let em take over? Redknapp has to go!

  5. From his statement Michel Platini shows lack connectivity with the world of football. He is unfit to be president of UEFA. Spurs work hard and play great football. Football fans want to see Spurs play football. Europe can have Chelsea …. 6th best in England. …. shows the quality of Europe. The proof .. 6th best team in England wins their most prestigious cup.


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