UEFA to introduce nine new Champions League rules that could affect Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur had only ever been as far as the Champions League quarter-finals before this season, but in under two weeks, they will take on Liverpool in the final of the competition.

It has been a wild ride for Pochettino’s men, from the lows of the group stage, to the highs of coming back late against both Man City and Ajax.

However, the Champions League could look a little different when Spurs compete in it next season, with nine new rules coming into play.

The first of these rules will be introduced in the final of the competition this season, as Spurs and Liverpool will both be able to name 12 subs instead of the usual seven.

However, the eight other new rules are as follows (talkSPORT):

  • Attacking players must be one metre or more away from defensive walls of three or more players during a free-kick. Failure to do so will result in an indirect freekick to the opposition.
  • Goal kicks/free kicks from inside a defensive box will not have to leave the penalty area to be in play, but the opposition cannot enter the box until the ball is in play.
  • Drop balls inside the box can go straight to keepers, while drop balls outside the box will be given to the team that touched it last. The opposition must remain four metres away.
  • An attacking player will be guilty of a handball if they score or create a goal from the use of an arm or hand, even if it was an accident. Hands/arms over shoulder height will result in handballs if the ball comes into contact, unless a person plays it against themselves. If a player makes themselves bigger by the use of hands and arms, a handball will be given if the ball connects.
  • Keepers must have one foot on the line as a penalty is taken. Keepers may not touch the post/bar/net before the pen.
  • A sub must leave the pitch from the nearest point.
  • Coaches/managers will be shown yellows and reds for misconduct.
  • The team that wins the coin toss will be able to choose kick-off or a particular end, not both.

What do you think of these new rules?

Spurs Web Opinion:

I am a big fan of the rule that forces players to leave the pitch from the nearest point. I would also have introduced a stricter rule on goalkeeper time wasting. I would also like to see VAR used in a tennis-based system in which each team is given say three challenges to use the technology as they please, whether it’s for a goal, offside, red card, etc.

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  1. From what I have been given to understand previously UEFA’s stance on rule changes is different to the domestic game run by the FA? If this is the case I see only ambiguity and confusion over established rules which will subsequently lead to mistakes and calamity. Surely rule changes should be universally applied across the board to spare these problems from occurring?


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