United linked with £22m move for Bale


Gareth Bale

So, the Sunday rumours start surrounding the future of Gareth Bale at Tottenham Hotspur.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is ready to make another bid for Bale, who scored a superb hat-trick last week against Inter Milan.

United had an offer rejected in the summer for the 21-year-old and this latest rumour claims that Ferguson has been given the green light to spend £22million on Bale.

The way Bale is playing, £22million wouldn’t buy his right leg.  Harry Redknapp has already stated that the Welsh international is not for sale and Spurs fans will be hoping that the club can hold onto their prize asset.


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  1. bale is worth double this. and anyway the days of spurs being a feeder club to man u-shited are long gone. Bale stays … final.

  2. losing the bulgarian and Carrick to United was good business sense. Neither are championship winners if you havent got great players around but Bale is maybe the greatest player in Europe now so we have to keep him

  3. The 22ml might buy one of his ears but thats it.Old red nose will have to double it and add any player Spurs want to get Bale .As for mannure they are not the big draw club they used to be.

  4. I would hate to see bale leave as one of you said he is one of the best players in the world I would never change teams but wot would be the point of supporting them if they go back to a selling club the only player who could replace bale in my eyes is messi we are an up and coming club soon title challengers

  5. It's just United doing this before we play them. Trying it on like always. Tossers. Can't believe how fortunate Arsenal are this season. They have had 9 pens this season so far and played 10 men four or five times! Yet yesterday when we had a clear pen that tosser of a ref turns a blind eye. Not to mention handing Everton a point by giving them a free-kick for the goal that was a complete joke. As they say some teams completely influence the ref and just get away with so many things. Can't wait for JD to put on his boots again.

  6. I effing hate the manure loving media. I was so p*ssed when rooney did his u turn i really wanted manure to lose him and get a taste of their own medicine. I think after messi and ronaldo bale is the best attacking winger in the world. Now barca said they would sell messi for 250M and ronaldo would prob cost 150M to force real to sell so given bale’s age a minimum of 80M. Given that if he did move he would prob be a manure lifer that ha to be worth 80M of ol red nose’s money anyday! Anyway, we could always use citeh to run the price up – im sure theyd give us 80M for bale!!! COYS BIOYC

  7. Rooney never did a u turn he shit his pants when rent a mob threatened to kill his wife and child . So this his the new way now the fans are hitting back in a very nastier wayso if i was Bale i would stay where iam for now.

  8. Being here in the US I am new football fan (soccer) and I decided to support the Spurs based upon their pre-season play over the summer here in the States. (The MLS is the most entertaining of leagues). I I paid extra to my cable provider to get Spurs games and well as other Premiere League games on TV. And I would hate to see Bale leave. To the years long followers of this club, will Man U scoop him up, or is Tottenham gong to hold onto their star player?

    New York


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