Van der Vaart: My family miss Madrid


Rafael van der Vaart has revealed that his family miss life in Madrid.

The midfielder joined Spurs last summer for £8million and will return to Spain as part of the Spurs side for the Champions League clash next week.

‘Little Damian is the best thing in my life. He speaks Spanish and English but is always saying to me ‘Daddy why don’t we have a pool here? There’s no sun here. It’s not the same as in Madrid’,’ he said.

‘We have a special love for Madrid. Going back to play at the Bernabeu is a dream for me. It’s going to be special.’

He said: ‘I have played in my country, in Germany, in Spain and now in England.

‘But playing at the Bernabeu is unique so I would be pleased to return to Madrid.’

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  1. He does a bit too much talking for my liking. I wish he’d save it for the pitch where he’s gone a bit quiet lately. Seems like he’s picking his games. Always fit for the ‘big’ games but injured in between. He’s a class act but has an ego to match.

  2. look mate, go back then, you pick and choose when you want to play a match it seams, injured you say ? i’m not bothered if you stay or go, if you come out with things like this, do you expect me to be ?

  3. Good player but an arrogant attitude like most dutch players, if you dont like being substituted play for 90 minutes not 40. By the way were playing wigan on sat, be fucking nice if you would play. Or is it not a big enough game for you? If we are too small, fuck off back to Madrid reserves.

  4. sell him he is a big head Modric, Lennon, Bale, Sandro, Dawson are your future sell him and get 2 decent strikers in the summer

  5. One of those S/M "mouth balls" might be appropriate for this guy whose mouth is worsening as are his performances onfield.

    As above, I wish he would just "Shut Up"and play now as well as he did initially…he seems to think that he has only to "turn up" which is a bit of a joke as he NEVER has lasted past 60mins even at his best..

    You can see why RM let him go as he has the temperament of a 5yo and really thinks that he is someone.
    IMHO he has a long way to go to be rated alongside some of the WHL classics: White/Ardiles/Hoddle etc

  6. Sounds to me like he's been asked questions in order to extract that response. It's clear that he's saying he's looking forward to playing in Spain AGAINST Real Madrid. Is it not natural for him to be excited about returning to where he lived and played football for so long? This is a nothing story, the product of desperate journalism but I do agree he needs to consider the things he says to the press in future and concentrate on his football.

  7. I think you are all maybe over reacting. Obviously better to not say anything, but hey, his son probably does miss having sunshine and a swimming pool. I miss the Maldives and only went for 10 days. Journalists ask questions, they man answers, and then people start giving him abuse.

    He was quoted as saying this only a few days ago…

    “I wanted to play every game and in Madrid there are many exceptional players. I am 28 years old and to be at a high level I need games.

    “Now I am very happy in London with Tottenham. It’s a city I like.”

    So he obviously likes London, and i’m sure happy to live here for a bit, he will be retiring in 4/5 years anyway, and he can go back to the sunshine for the rest of his life.

  8. This geezer is good but if he wants out let him go. Is he a bit of a Spanish poofda type like left his boyfriend in Madrid? I like the way he plays though


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