Van der Vaart would have signed for Arsenal


Rafael van der Vaart admits that he would have joined Arsenal if they would have made an approach for him.

The Dutch midfielder has become a fan favourite at Tottenham during his short time at the Lane, but his comments won’t go down too well with our following.

“I would have moved to Bayern Munich, but they weren’t interested,” he told the News of the World.

“Arsenal? Yes of course, that would have been fantastic.

“When Madrid sold Arjen Robben (to Bayern) and Wesley Sneijder (to Inter Milan) they asked me whether I would like to stay – I would even get my No. 23 shirt back.

“What I went through is part of football – but it wasn’t nice. Football is best when you’re 10 years old.”

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  1. whywould this bother spurs supporers. Why would VDV favour SPURS over ar5en1l, or ar5en1l over SPURS. IT was fantastic for him to jin SPURS and get regular first team football.

  2. I agree with theoikk & Jajy. If a top club approaches a player not starting at his current club he would obviously consider a move. Nowhere was it mentioned that he would rather have joined Arsenal than Spurs.

  3. I’m pretty sure he would also have joined Liverpool, Chelski man u or citeh if he was offered the chance, but he wasn’t and he didn’t he came to spurs and he is obviously loving it! This was obviously a loaded question by a crack smokin half baked wanna be journo who was trying to cheat his way to a scoop! Sad sad sad


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