Van der Vaart: I’m going to become unhappy


Rafael Van Der Vaart

New Tottenham Hotspur signing Rafael van der Vaart admits that he is becoming frustrated at his recent treatment by Dutch boss Bert van Marwijk.

The midfielder was left on the bench for Friday’s win against San Marino and was substituted after 64 minutes of last night’s 2-1 victory against Finland.

Van der Vaart played out of position as a left winger and covered his mouth as he left the pitch.

Asked if he was worried about lip-readers, he laughed: ‘Secretly, yes. I was swearing a bit, but not specifically for (Van Marwijk) to hear.’

He continued on ‘If you play well you don’t think you’ll be taken off. I’m getting a little despondent.

‘The substitutions are predictable. It’s my 84th match. I think sometimes I deserve to stay on.

‘If I play badly, you can take me off after an hour. That’s my own fault. But in this case I trained hard, kept my mouth shut, did my best, and I was still taken off.

‘I gave everything. Also I was playing in a position which is not comfortable for me, I’m not a left winger.

‘But I did well. I was involved in two goals, some good moves, and almost scored.

‘I always try to be positive but I can’t remember the last time I played 90 minutes. It makes me somewhat despondent.

‘Maybe other people would not be angry, but that’s how I feel at the moment.’

Asked if he was too nice, he said: ‘Maybe. But in my time at Ajax I learned that arguing is useless.

‘I just always want to play. If you play well you think you deserve to stay on and not be the first one taken off every time.’

Nevertheless, Van der Vaart believes Van Marwijk rates him highly.

‘I know he has great confidence in me, he’s said so often enough. But with the regularity of the substitutions, obviously as a player I’m going to become unhappy.’

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  1. This is worrying. I was thinking that he could operate on either wing. Modric does not moan when played on left. When you are left-footed, you are a minority – it is a precious resource. You can't blame coaches for trying to utilise it.

  2. Exactly what I thought, I just assumed he would play on the left of midfield with Bale at left back… So what is his position?! We dont need any more forwards, or central midfielders, oh well I’m sure HR knows what he is doing.

  3. He plays thro the middle or off the front man. I can see why he would get pissed off tho. Kuyt seems to play ahead of him and that is gonna anger anyone who plays above Div3

  4. spot on morgan, i’d be pissed off if i was him too, he’s quality, glad madrid thought it better to keep all the egos and get rid of him, he’ll be ideal for europe to play one up top and have him sit in behind, himself and modric would open teams right up if they were kept close together and not on seperate flanks

  5. The only postive about Defoe being out is Keane will get his chance with VDV and those two will fire together. Mark my words. (oh and im not happy and Defoe being out, just trying to find a positive in a bad situation)


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