Video appears to show exactly when Heung Min Son lashed out

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur were in full control of their Premier League match against Bournemouth today, with Dele Alli and Lucas Moura both going close to opening the scoring in the first half.

It looked to be a matter of time for the Lilywhites in terms of their breakthrough, with a win needed to secure a top-four spot this season.

However, just before halftime, the game flipped completely, as Spurs were reduced to ten men in a flash of anger.

Heung Min Son was given his marching orders in an uncharacteristic loss of temper, as the South Korean lashed out at Bournemouth’s Lerma.

At first glance, it was hard to see what had riled Son up so much, but fans now believe they have spotted exactly what made him act the way he did.

If you look at the replays, not only can you see Lerma plant one on Son minutes before the red card, but you can also see him punch Sonny in the back just before the Spurs man lost his head.

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  1. lerma is a dirty player he wound son up to get him sent off eddie howe I like you but this behaviour from one of your players is appaling red card should be resinded by the FA for incitement by lerma or is it lercher

  2. i write this memo with grave concern regarding the game between Bournemouth and Spurs.
    F. A. I challenge you to review the tape on this game. As FA has done this before adversely towards Spurs and suspensions were handed out. NAMELY to review the player Lerma with
    Bournemouth. This dirty individual had nothing but dirty tactics throughout the entire game. How this ref missed all his dirty tactics is beyond me. The first one was against Son ten feet from the ref. Son played the ball passed him but this cheep piece of dirt diverted his body efforts long after the ball had been played turned at Son body slammed him to the ground with a vicious body check and knocked him windless. Nothing done or said.
    The ref just allowed the game to play on still not in Spurs advantage? Hello?! The second incident was when Son attempted to retrieve the ball, this piece of dirt ran at Son near tread on his hands and punched Son in his back in the same motion. So what do you get, retaliation? Yes! retaliation is wrong, (who brought the game in disrepute?) however when you do not get protection from the ref what are you supposed to do? Yet all this dirty Lerma actions in this game was allowed to continue not even with a caution. FA what kind of officials where employed for this game? You tell me not one official saw these ills? Also, tell me how the ref again feet away from a Spurs corner when Dele was waist gripped thrown to the ground and that was missed also? I say BIAS OR INCOMPETENCE! FA TAKE A SERIOUS LOOK AT THE TAPE AND DO THE RIGHT THING AS WAS DONE AGAINST SPURS. SUSPEND THIS PIECE OF DIRT LERMA WHO LAUGHED AT EVERY INCIDENT AND THOUGHT IT AMUSING WHEN HE WAS TOLD BY OTHER SPURS PLAYERS.


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