Video: Ben Foster apologises to Tottenham fans for his antics

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Ben Foster has revealed that he got ‘abuse’ from Spurs fans on social media for time wasting during his career.

Despite referees’ best attempts to stamp out time wasting from the game, it is still a regular occurrence, with goalkeepers usually being the worst offenders.

Few did it as often or as effectively as Foster, who always attempted to run down the clock against Tottenham when his side were either leading or holding onto a point.

The 39-year-old, who is now a free agent after his contract with Watford ran out in May told talkSPORT about his time-wasting antics against Spurs:


Ben Foster says Tony Pulis was ‘world’s best’ at time wasting! #ForYou #ForYourPage #Football #Soccer #FootballTikTok #PremierLeague #Funny

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Stoke City under Pulis got under my nerves more than any other team in Premier League. Even Bolton under Sam Allardyce and Burnley under Sean Dyche had some redeeming qualities despite their agricultural style of play.

Stoke, on the other hand, always seemed more interested in getting in their opponents’ faces than playing football. I do not think anyone is surprised to learn that Pulis demanded regular time wasting from his players.

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  1. He also did it for Watford and for West Brom. Saw the v spurs at Wembley and his time wasting was only surpassed by the refs who refused to book him until the 85th minute.
    30 seconds or more for goal kicks, kicking the ball out of a ball boys hands to prevent a quick corner etc.
    I get time wasting in the last 10 minutes but he was doing it from the 10 minute mark onwards. Shameful way to treat paying fans imho


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