Video: Davinson Sanchez is left speechless after his FIFA downgrade (funny)

Image: SpursWeb

Many football players like to use their time off the field to unwind in front of the computer game console to play FIFA.

The latest iteration of the legendary football game, FIFA 20 is due for release later this month and ahead of its launch, some of the Tottenham Hotspur players have been learning about their in-game ratings.
Davinson Sanchez was certainly surprised when he discovered that his rating for physicality had dropped from the previous version.
His reaction was certainly humorous to watch, EA Sports may want to consider the rating once they watch how he sent Neymar into the advertising hoardings during the match between Colombia and Brazil earlier this week.
Despite the physical nature of the challenge, Spurs fans would certainly shudder at his decision to make such a rash challenge in the penalty area, which somehow was not penalised.

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  1. Any player who responds to a call to play for his “National team” is sure to have a deterioration of form when playing for hishome club. International football may fill the coffers of the FAs; but it definitely hurts the club teams. Kane’s “Captain England” dedication,alone, cost Spurs at least 9 points and probably the Champions League title.last season. International games are significantely detrimental to the league top teams; often leading players to injury and/or form deterioration; in some cases even reducing the players career prospects.. If the FA needs Jingoistic tournaments to fill their coffers; they should make International tournaments for players 29 years of age and older.


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