VIDEO: Goal highlights – Bolton 2-2 Spurs


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If you’re yet to see the highlights from Tottenham Hotspur’s 2-2 draw at Bolton Wanderers, then you can now check it out by viewing the video below.

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  1. Hi warned all spurs fans this would Happen that we would be overun by duracell bunnies chasing the ball like there life depended on it .Are there any clever bloggers out there that could get hold of the three games we have struggled in and there is one common theme in all three games we were second best to every ball we were bullied of the ball and dragged about at free kicks and conrneres all three had a player chasing the ball across our back line till we could only lose the ball in midfield or lamp it upfield and lose it Davies Drogba Rooney. all three had midfielders that chased the ball in packs till a mistake happened or they won the ball all the players evra garner cole were ten yards faster and could stop Lennon from reaching the back line.Two players that highlight my statment chased the ball over 30 yards and won it back gardner and essien the players that lost the ball KEANE AND LENNON both quite quick So dont pull our team to peices take a good look at the the other team and ask is he realy that good then why has another club ditched him and why does he only cost a few millon. answer to PETER PARKER UK SPORT DRUG AGENCY.? IF ALL YOU FANS THINK THAT A FOOTBALLER OVER THIRTY DOESENT NO THAT HE CANT BUY MEDICENE OVER THE COUNTER AND THEN USES THIS BECAUSE HE FAILED WITH A DRUGS test for the band Ephedrine energy drug a team drug that can turn a team into high octane passing and tackling and bulling of the ball for 90 odd mins .Then your all guilty like the FA of ignorance think if a goaly needs this energey so does the out feild players also preston got beat by a cheat in goals and he saved sheffeild more than once then they lost to burnley dont forget he new he had failed is drug test. all very shady and still going on from my expert eyes .the Rumour Man is watching ?


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