VIDEO: Harry Redknapp soaked by Spurs players


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Below is the video all the Spurs fans have been requesting to see again, those amazing and hilarious scenes of the Spurs players soaking Redknapp during his post-match interview with an ice bucket.


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  1. hello fellow spurs people, i;m pissed witrh a pizza, but i need to say this, is there a better right back in the league than kaboul, think about it when did u here bellamys name, get his positinal sense right & we have got the besr r/bank in the league, but that is for another day, love u all, we4 did it, have a nice day, i will.

  2. Just hope spurs don’t emulate the last time we soaked a manager- Ramos. After this the team went Vamos in many a game! We need to sign off on good note with win vs Burnley- even if many fringe players get a run out. Great though for Arry to get soaked!

    • Hahaha! After we soaked Ramos, we went Vamos… GOOD ONE!
      I nearly choked when I was drinking water and read this on the screen.
      Don't worry, at least Harry speaks English. Ramos… he's a disgrace.

  3. Yid Army! This is fkn priceless, these were some 3 weeks…needless to say that we've waited a long time for this. What a moment of pride. COYS!


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