Video: John Barnes refuses to accept Son’s offside call

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It is fair to say that the biggest talking point from Tottenham’s 2-1 defeat to Leicester City will be VAR’s decision to disallow Tottenham’s second goal mid way into the second half.

Serge Aurier’s strike was ruled out as the system adjudged Son Heung-min to have been millimeters offside in the build-up.

Anybody looking at the replay with the naked eye could see the fact that Son was at worst level with the Jonny Evans.

However, the VAR’s system picked up on the fact that Son’s shoulders were a fraction in front of the defender.

Former Liverpool winger John Barnes, who was doing punditry work for beIN SPORTS, has refused to accept the decision and called for the whole offside law to be changed if VAR was going to scrutinise the position of different body parts this closely.

Watch Barnes’ thoughts below:

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Surely, the common sense approach here would be for some margin of error to be included in the VAR call as the concept of being level with the defender doesn’t exist anymore if we scrutinize incidents this closely. Perhaps the Barnes does have a point in saying that the law must be changed to take into account the player’s feet only.

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  1. Very poor call from VAR, time will show that in exactly the same position the call will be called off side in one game and offside in another game, especially when VAR is known to be a few centimetres inaccurate with its range .

  2. As I have said frequently recently, all that VAR will do is rule out goals that would have otherwise stood by fractions of an inch. So, we will now have plenty of complaints about goals being allowed or not allowed for the silliest of reasons like Aurier’s goal today. Was Son’s elbow offside by 0.6″? This is absolutely ridiculous now.

    The original intent of the offside rule was that a player should NOT be seen as “trying to gain an advantage”. I fail to see how Son’s elbow or 0.6″ of a shoulder was “trying to gain an advantage”. This baloney has to stop (although I don’t see the league changing anything about VAR).

    My views stem from about 30 years of playing and 8 years of refereeing after I stopped playing.


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