(Video) New Spurs stadium resembles a ghost town in video update

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

A fan has today visited the site of the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium to provide a video update on the progress of the project and the outside of the ground resembled a ghost town.

The video was recorded earlier today and you really do have to concentrate in order to see if anyone is working on the exterior of the stadium. Where are all the workers?

Granted, we are being critical here but it seems like the company in charge of the project, Mace are not putting on a display of force by getting the workers to be ant-like in the urgency to complete the project.

Spurs face a race against time to get their new 62,062-seat, £850million stadium ready for the Manchester City game after being forced to move the home games against Liverpool and Cardiff to Wembley due to issues with the ‘critical safety systems’ — understood to be the fire and evacuation alarms.

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  1. What time was this video filmed? Looks very early in the morning to me about 6am? That would be shift change time. Very lazy story i would say or just trying to stir it up. At night ie before 6am most of the work going on would be inside the stadium not on the outside. I think a lot more work by you before publishing next time wouldn’t go amiss.

  2. True, but I have been watching the live camera feeds for quite a while now and it’s hard to see where 3700 workers per day are there.

    • I seriously doubt they are all there at once, sparks have to coordinate with construction schedules as do plumbers as do fitters as do decorators, they’re not all there together all the time and I for one am getting tired of all the leavey spurs negativity. If the stadium opening is delayed it surely has to be down to the construction planners. DL didn’t just guess at a couple of dates for events, he must have liased with the construction planners before announcing any dates and got some sort of assurances, putting crews on site 24/7 and paying a fortune to get it done is no more than he can do. It’s purely down to planners BS and not being able to deliver on promised schedules. Like I said he wouldn’t have announced anything without assurances. As for a ghost town, this was prob filmed in the most inactive part of the day so grow up and leave spurs alone, the multi millionaires are making things happen and know what they’re doing….

  3. Looking at webcams a lot and I believe there has been a large increase in the work being done with a definite gear change upwards
    mace would have been furious with the bad publicity as they are normally very efficient


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