VIDEO PREVIEW: Spurs vs Norwich


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  1. I feel like screaming i told you so but that wont make me feel better. Our season has been high jacked by work rate rising to what i call 6th gear levels with late goals a prime symptom and massive weight loss with all the extra miles run. The top teams who have hit this rich form are Wigan Newcastle Chelsea Arsenal Utd . We need to join in or our season will be ruined by this 6th gear work rate cursing Football. Today we face another hard working Norwich we beat them with a world class run and finish by Bale he could be missing and our other problem Harry has done what he did last season upset our strikers by leaving them benched for Vaart. Last season we failed to get fourth because we failed to score and now its back Harry is to blame by playing Parker and Sandro this has blunted our attack and it could be terminal. The problem Harry wont be around for our next season with these possible going with him Ady Bale Modric and that's why we are not firing on all fronts scoring and team selection the other reason Wembley could be Harry's main focus and the leaving players if you believe the media.


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