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Harry Redknapp was unhappy with referee Howard Webb following Tottenham’s 3-0 defeat at Chelsea.

Webb failed to award Spurs a penalty while the score was at 1-0, when Ricardo Carvalho tripped Robbie Keane in the penalty area.

He (Carvalho) has caught him (Keane) and what Robbie’s done is try to stay on his feet, and that is what happens,” Redknapp told Sky Sports.

“If he had gone done when he had lost his balance it is a nailed-on penalty but he tried to stay up and it is a difficult one.

“If he felt he had dived then why didn’t he give him a card, it is either a penalty or a card.

“We had him (Webb) at Old Trafford last season and he cost us the game with a diabolical penalty decision that he apologised for after.”

He added: “Losing Ledley was a key moment for us. We are short at the back without him and suddenly (Didier) Drogba was a big problem for us with his power.

“For the first 30 minutes we were the better team but I thought the key points went against us and we didn’t defend well enough for the second goal.”

“But we are not that far away from being a very good side and I think we will get there eventually.”

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  1. Why why why cant punters drug testers fans notice what hi no is going on in the prem. you have two sets of teams desperate to win three points at all costs the teams tipped to go down and the teams that tipped to win the league and get in the top four .The evidence is in the division below the teams desperate to win promotion a man who only has to play in a certain part of the field and police 8 ft by 8ft goals got caught taking the energy drug Ephedrine this was the chance to send a message to all clubs it wont be tollerated because hi reported a top four team for taking this drug and UK sport admitted to me it was rife but they couldn’t catch anyone well the reason is the Fa are the worse body for dishing out punishment .The other drug bust was two youth players taking benzoylegonine arthritic based drug a scandal alone that kids could get this drug and the penalty was there names were kept a secret 3and 5 month bans for a drug a lad in my town got a 2 year ban aged 21 a rugby league player .This drug was banned from chemist for killing people last year sportsmen were collapsing all over Europe this could just be coincidence but it makes you think the weight loss is incredible this year and is a dead give-away that the abuse is still going on and the top teams aer back were there energy has got them stop the cheats

  2. Harry put a good team out. Just thought he could have made some changes when we were 2-0 down. Hutton was rubbish. Naughton would have done better. Hutton has never had a good game this season. He shouldn’t be on the bench. Can’t believe Pav was sacrificed. A world class striker not even making the bench? First half we did very well. Kept the ball on the ground and it was lovely to watch. We play like this against any other team, we will come up on top.

  3. Dav – You always going on about this drug stuff, so obviously want to make a point! Do yourself a favour and do some English lessons, because your literature is shit. I cant understand a word!

    Spurs put a good team out…What had Jenas done to deserve a start? He is shit! Football is a game that lasts for 90 mins! Im getting pissed off about hearing how long we were good for! We lost 3-0 not 1-0. It wasnt a close game at all!


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